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‘People Should Be Making Prayer A Habit’ –Papal Nuncio

"It doesn’t really matter what your habit of prayer is as long as you have a habit."

Last week, Papal Nuncio Charles Brown got the chance to talk to a group of young people from the Diocese of Virac and reminded them to always remember to pray. “When we do this thing, the line of communication between us and God becomes much clearer,” the nuncio said.

While many know the importance of prayer, Brown said that the demands of daily life and “a lot of interference” hinders us from making it a priority in our everyday lives. (Read: 5 Quarantine Habits That You Should Keep Even After the Pandemic)

Making prayer a habit

“We don’t hear Him so well so it’s important to pray. It’s important to have a habit of prayer,” Brown added, “It doesn’t really matter what your habit of prayer is as long as you have a habit. So whatever it is, make sure you have a habit of prayer and keep to it… even if it’s difficult, keep to it.”

The papal nuncio to the Philippines also acknowledged that the youth nowadays face a lot of challenges even in their young lives. So he reminded them that God will not abandon them, especially during their lowest moments. (Read: 3 Prayers for Students in Homeschool)

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“When something happens in your life that is difficult or painful, and that happens to all of us at different times, don’t think that God has abandoned you,” he explained. “God loves you and even in those difficult things you had to face don’t think that God has abandoned you because he hasn’t. He is with you.”

The nuncio visited Virac, Catanduanes to lead the blessing of the newly renovated cathedral. He also led the blessing and turnover of housing units constructed for the poor in San Andres town for the “Resilient Shelter for the Vulnerable Project”, made possible by Caritas Philippines and Caritas Virac.

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