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Want To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle? Let St. Fiacre Guide You!

You can also pray to for guidance as a plantito/plantita!

Switching to a healthy lifestyle is as challenging as maintaining it. Recognized as the patron saint of gardeners, St. Fiacre might be your guide towards healthy living!

It is not easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the limited resources that cater to everyone, not to mention its cost. There are also challenges in making fresh produce to provide people with vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious food. But don’t lose hope, you can ask for St. Fiacre to bless your crops and guide you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle! 

Get to know more about him and his miracles, read on! (Read: Start Eating And Cooking Healthy With Mesa Ni Misis Cookbook)

Patron saint of gardeners

Photo from Outdoor Art Pros

St. Fiacre may not be as popular as the other saints. Aside from being the patron saint of gardeners, St. Fiacre is also the patron saint of cab drivers. He was a seventh-century Catholic priest, abbot, hermit, and gardener known for his “sanctity and skill in curing infirmities.” 

Raised in a monastery, he learned about plants and how to use herbs in healing until he became a famous and skilled healer. Even disciples flocked to him to ask for his miracles as a healer.

He established a hermitage in a wooded area near the Marne River when he left Ireland for France. St. Fiacre built an oratory in honor of the Virgin Mary, hospice, solitary cell, and garden for strangers.

His efforts and miracles inspired Catholics around the world. His feast day is commemorated on September 1, while Roman Matryrology commemorates him on August 11. People usually call on him to bless their crops and gardens, including the healthy food they eat, particularly fruits and vegetables. (Read: 3 Italian Dishes Inspired by St. Francis Caracciolo)

Herb garden

St Fiachra’s Gardens (Photo from Irish National Stud)

Herbs are not just for healing purposes, it can be used as an ingredient in many dishes as well! Legends say that his herb garden was magical as it had different herbs and plants where people could visit. 

In 1999 a garden in his honor was made at the National Stud in Kildare, which has become a tourist attraction. His relics were preserved in his original shrine in the local church of his hermitage, garden, oratory, and hospice, in present Saint-Fiacre, Seine-et-Marne in France. It was later transferred in 1568 to their present shrine in Meaux Cathedral in Meaux, near Saint-Fiacre.

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