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Love for All Creatures: The Story of St. Francis and the Doves


Hi, Kids! Does anyone of you know who St. Francis of Assisi is?  Francis of Assisi is a saint famous for his deep love for the environment. He started out as a wealthy young man who is well loved by all who met him. As such, he gained a lot of followers during his lifetime, and was known for his many encounters with nature and animals. One of these encounters is with a boy who was carrying a cage of doves.

Keep on listening to hear the story!


One day, Francis of Assisi came across a boy hurrying to the market. The boy was carrying a cage of doves. He caught them himself and was excited to sell them.

Francis looked at the birds in horror. Who knows what will happen to them once they are sold? They might be kept in cages for the rest of their lives, or worse, cooked and eaten!

“Please come!” Francis motioned to the boy. The boy obeyed, walking over to him.

“Young man,” the saint started, “you know that the dove is a sweet and gentle bird, a symbol of faith and purity. Imagine what might become of these doves when you sell them. Do you really want to be killed, cooked, or even caged by some heartless man? Please, for your salvation as well as the salvation of these birds, please give these doves to me.” the Saint finished.

Without a second thought, the boy gave the cage to Francis. He unfastened the latch. Francis stuck his hand in and tenderly drew out a cooing dove. “Gentle sister, how could you allow yourself to be caught and caged? Please come with me and I will build a nest for you so you can raise your young and live in peace.”

Francis brought the birds back into the friary, and the doves happily settled into their new home. They were free to fly away as they pleased, but they loved being with Francis and the monks so much that they decided to stay. As for the boy who caught them, can you guess what happened to him? He later joined the Franciscan order and devoted his life to God!

Isn’t St. Francis admirable? He loved God’s creations so much that he considered them all as his brothers and sisters. You can say that St. Francis is the original Earth Day advocate! For more stories like this, visit our website. ‘Til the next!


The story of St. Francis appears in the April 2018 issue of My Pope Philippines. Text by Cha Calubaquib and Stephanie L. Jesena.
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