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‘Love Alarm 2’ Premieres This Week – Here’s What to Expect!

You can start binging Love Alarm 2 on March 12, only on Netflix.

In recent years, dating apps have become so popular that millions of people around the world have been curious and decided to create an account to meet people— and hopefully find love. But what if everything was made even easier— you’d know who likes you and they would also know who likes them?

We’re talking about having no awkward encounters, no tricky situations, and you don’t have to tread in dangerous waters just to know if they like you back. Now that sounds easy, exciting, and kind of nerve-wracking, right? (Read: Heads up! These Korean Shows Are Coming to Netflix Soon)

Well, that’s the premise of the 2019 Kdrama series, Love Alarm! And now, the show is about to have its second season which is expected to premiere on March 12.

Here are some of the changes you can expect in the second season, according to the cast and director themselves at an exclusive media conference!

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More Mature Characters

In season two, the fictional app Love Alarm has been updated to Love Alarm 2.0, which now allows users to see a list of people who could possibly like them in the future. But this update poses challenges to users just like the lead character Kim Jo-jo, who is still hiding her feelings just as she did in the first season.

“[She feels] frustration because of having used the shield function [of the app], which leads to Jo-jo taking different actions,” says Kim So-hyun (who plays the lead female character), “[But it] leads to her personal growth and development, which you will be able to see in the second season.”

But it isn’t just Jo-jo who grows as a person in the series. Even Sun-ho, played by “Netflix’s Son” Song Kang, finds growth and maturity in the sequel. (Read: 5 K-Pop Fans Share Why They Support Korean Artists)

“In season one, you got to see Sun-ho’s pure and youthful side,” said Song Kang. “[In seasons two,] Sun-ho becomes more mature and grown-up which you’d be able to see.”

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New Stories

According to So-hyun herself, the new season will be giving viewers new stories because of the app’s update. “In the second season, [the audience can look forward to] what kind of stories, what kind of new relationships will be added,” she says.

So-hyun adds that the audience should look out for these stories which are greatly affected by the decisions made because of the update. (Read: 5 Tips to Navigate Adulthood, According to Roanne and Tina)

Director Kim Jin-woo adds, “With every choice you make, the excitement, the concerns that you have, and in what way these characters express those emotions and growth will definitely be something that you should look out for.”

Love Alarm Season 2 will be available on Netflix on March 12. Watch the trailer below!

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