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LOOK: 14yo Filipino kid develops video game about killing the coronavirus

The role playing game requires the character to wear a mask as you hunt the virus with a shotgun. 

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic raises panic and alarm all over the world. However, challenges such as these do not last forever. With that, everyone is having their fair share in lifting up the spirits of everyone. 

One of these people is a 14-year-old kid from the Philippines who is developing a video game: he’s creating one where you get to kill the coronavirus. 

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Reddit user _n0cturnal shared the early stages of his brand new video game about coronavirus in the r/Philippines subreddit last April 9. He said that it took him only two days to make the game using the game engine Unity, Visual Studio Code for code editing, with C# for the programming language.

“I started learning C# a few years ago but only got into game development last year,” he says in the comment section of his thread. 

 _n0cturna also shared that he used free resources on the internet, mostly YouTube videos, to teach himself the basics of coding, game development, and even graphics. 

How to play

The player, armed with a face mask and a shotgun, will aim to kill the virus. However, you’ll get killed if the virus touches you. 

Check out his gameplay below:

I’m a 14-year-old Pinoy game developer, and I’m making a game about killing the coronavirus from r/Philippines

The game is in the very early stages of development but it can now be downloaded on the Windows platform.  _n0cturna shared his plan to release it on, a website for users to host, sell, and download indie video games.


Text by Mark Baccay.

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