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3 Local Fruit Wines for the Wine-Loving Tita

Entertain your guests at home with these proudly Filipino fruit wines!

During Lent, wine becomes a more relevant topic, especially with churches and parishes nationwide doing their own reenactments of the Lord’s Last Supper. The Last Supper wherein Jesus instructs His 12 Apostles to eat the bread which symbolizes His body and drink the wine that symbolizes His blood, ‘in memory of Him.’ Thus, wine becomes significant, and people get curious about the fermented alcoholic grape drink.

Because of this, some even purchase their own bottle of (usually inexpensive) wine to try at home— just to relieve the curiosity. Most of those who’ve already tried it developed a liking towards it, but some say it isn’t their cup of tea. And that’s totally understandable because wine can have some bitter notes here and there, but it’s still a delicious and healthy drink (when drank in moderation). (Read: 5 Suppliers Who Source Fruits and Vegetables From Local Farmers)

But if you’re someone who doesn’t like the grape wines, but wants to try other wines to see if you’ll be able to like a different variant, you’re in luck! My Pope found several locally-produced fruit wines that aren’t from grapes! These wines are relatively sweeter but all the same a healthy drink, which might be your preference. Here are some of them.

Strawberry Wine

Photo from Smart Ang Pinoy Blog

Benguet is known for producing the sweetest and most delicious strawberries in the country, which are well-loved by Filipinos across the map. Because of this, they have made strawberries into different products like jams, cakes, syrups, and even wine! And according to those who have tried it, strawberry wine tastes really good. They say that it tastes authentic which means only the best and freshest strawberries from the province were used. Some even say that the strawberry wine from Benguet is good for export!

So when you get the chance to visit the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, make sure to have a sip of their strawberry wine!

Pineapple Wine

Photo from Bienvenido Tours

If you’re looking for a sweet but also tangy wine, you should try the proudly local pineapple wine! They are made using only the sweetest kind of pineapple in the Philippines— the Formosa pineapple— which is an export product of Camarines Norte.

Formosa pineapples are said to be one of the best kinds in the world. The next time you visit Camarines Norte, give the pineapple wine a taste! (Read: 3 Savory Recipes That Use Fruits as Main Ingredient)

Calamansi Wines

Photo from Manille Liqueur Facebook

We’ve all heard of calamansi juice, calamansi slushies, and even calamansi cakes. But have you ever heard of or tasted calamansi wine? It’s no wonder that inventive Filipinos have thought of creating a wine out of calamansi, given that it’s one of the most abundant and readily available crops in the country.

Unlike other wines, calamansi wine is more sour than sweet and bitter— which gives it a refreshing taste to it. Usually, the calamansi used for this is the ones from Mindoro, where it is said to taste the best!

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