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3 Popular Delicacies That Can Now Be Delivered to Metro Manila

Enjoy your favorite delicacies from Laguna, Baguio, and Tagaytay even with the quarantine going on!

The COVID-19 pandemic and the government-imposed lockdown has forced many to cancel events, plans, vacations, domestic and international trips, and many more things that we have been looking forward to doing this 2020. These trips were supposed to be our chance to taste the various delicacies and experience the different cultures of places both here and abroad, but due to the pandemic, it has to be postponed for now.

But being unable to travel doesn’t have to mean that we should endure our cravings for our favorite dishes and desserts from the local places that we’ve been planning to visit. If you’re longing to have a taste of Baguio’s sweet strawberries, Laguna’s delicious buko pie, or Tagaytay’s creamy milk products, then we’ve got you covered! (Read: Travel Around Philippines With These Fruits in Season!)

My Pope compiles three popular food establishments from different provinces that now deliver to Metro Manila. These brands, known for their mouthwatering delicacies that tourists make sure to purchase during their every visit, can now satisfy your cravings even without the vacation!

Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake

Vizco's cakes now available in Metro Manila! 🍰🍰🍰🌟🌟Indulge in Vizco's Famous Fresh Fruit cakes brought straight at…

Posted by Love, Strawberry on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Everyone who visits the City of Pines, Baguio, makes sure to get a slice of Vizco’s strawberry shortcake. Their strawberry shortcake is made with fresh strawberries locally produced by farmers and is super creamy. (Read: 3 Flavored Taho Recipes to Try at Home)

You can order it via Love, Strawberry on Facebook and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. They order per batch and have a weekly delivery of the cakes from Baguio. You may order either the 6″ or 8″ strawberry shortcake. Other Vizco’s cakes like the carrot cake, mango cake, and ube cake are also available for ordering!

Original Buko Pie

The First and Original Buko Pie from Los Baños, Laguna! -AVAILABLE on FRIDAY ( JULY 31, 2020 ) Available:Buko…

Posted by Hola Chubz on Monday, July 27, 2020

Anyone who has been to Laguna has surely gotten a taste of the Original Buko Pie. It’s a staple pasalubong from someone who has visited or vacationed in Laguna because it’s delicious and creamy! And now, anyone craving it can have a slice of buko pie even with the quarantine. (Read: Five Must-Visit Restaurants in Laguna)

Hola Chubz, a food distributor, is now accepting orders for the famous Original Buko Pie, as well as the pineapple, tropical, and buko cassava pies for delivery to Metro Manila. You may contact them through their Facebook page or 0967 281 1322 for orders.

Mr. Moo’s Milk Planet

Mr.Moo Milk Tea 🍃 pure fresh cow's milk, no water added, no powder, only pressed tea leaves are used 🍃🥛🌱 🤗 we deliver 🚛 enjoy them in the comfort of your own home 🥛😋

Posted by Mr. Moo's on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Those who have been to Tagaytay definitely knowns of Mr. Moo’s Milk Planet and its fresh, creamy, delicious milk products. But the quarantine has made it nearly impossible for anyone to purchase milk from them given the travel restrictions—until now. (Read: 3 Delicious Milk Tea Recipes to Try at Home)

Mr. Moo’s Milk Planet is now delivering to select areas in Metro Manila for anyone who’s craving their milk and milk products. You can order their milk, pastillas, yogurt, cheese, and even their own take on milk tea. Just fill out their order form to place your orders.

Currently, Mr. Moo’s Milk Planet can only cater to Parañaque and Makati areas, but plan to expand soon.

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