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4 Times Lloyd Cafe Cadena Inspired Us to Be Kind and Selfless

Rest in power, Kween Lloyd Cafe Cadena!

Netizens, fans, and celebrities were shocked when the news of Lloyd Cafe Cadena’s sudden demise broke on the internet. According to his family, the YouTube star died on Friday, September 4, after suffering a heart attack in his sleep while confined in a hospital for COVID-19.

Lloyd was one of the content creators who shaped the vlogging culture in the country. As early as 2011, he has been creating hilarious videos and memes on the internet. He was also able to maintain two YouTube channels that are being followed by millions of subscribers. In fact, by the time he reached the age of 26, Lloyd has already had 5.29 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.5 million followers on Facebook. 

But even with his tremendous success on the internet, Lloyd remained humble and kind to his fans, peers, and loved ones. Since he rose to fame, he never stopped giving back to the community and helping people around him. (Read: Rizal Baker Rises From Hardships, Now Gives Back To Frontliners)

In honor of Kween Lloyd Cafe Cadena, My Pope takes a look back at some of the instances when the YouTube star touched our hearts with his acts of kindness.

When he gave away free tablets to support students’ online learning

Photo from Lloyd Cafe Cadena Instagram

Lloyd touched millions of lives not only with his content, but also with how he used his fame to help everyone. In one of his final videos, Lloyd gave away free tablets to children to help them enroll in school and learn online during the pandemic. He even jokingly said that with the tablets, kids can participate in online classes—or mostly just surf on Facebook. Watch it here.

When he encouraged talented people to start vlogging

Photo from Lloyd Cafe Cadena VLOGS YouTube

Indeed, his being a YouTube content creator has changed Lloyd’s (and his friends’ and family’s) life for the better. Thanks to his viral videos and memes, many opportunities opened up for him that led him to his success. 

This is also the reason why every time he sees someone with great talent and potential, Lloyd would encourage them to reach a bigger audience through YouTube. Oftentimes, he would even gift them with cameras or laptops to get them started! Watch it here.

Every time he gave back to his neighbors

Photo from Lloyd Cafe Cadena YouTube

A lot of times, Lloyd would do a “hakot challenge” with his neighbors. In this challenge, he would bring them to a convenience store and ask them to take whatever items they could carry so he could pay for it. Other times, he would play “Guess The Price” wherein his neighbors would guess the price of the appliances he’d bought and if guessed correctly, they could keep it. Watch it here.

When he was finally able to buy a house for his family

Photo from Lloyd Cafe Cadena VLOGS YouTube

After years of hard work and hundreds of YouTube videos, Lloyd was able to buy himself and his family their own house. He said that this has been one of his dreams since the beginning. “Magre-retire na mama ko and I want her to experience na may sarili na kaming bahay,” Lloyd shared in a vlog. Watch it here.

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