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Living with Purpose: An Interview with Chef Sandy Daza

The son of culinary icon Nora Daza, veteran chef and restaurateur Sandy Daza is synonymous with Filipino comfort food. He says his passion for food started when he worked as a waiter in their Philippine restaurant [Aux Iles Philippines] in Paris. Since then, Sandy has become a renowned TV host, food columnist, cookbook author, and a father of four (two boys and two girls who gamely share the spotlight with him in his cooking show, Casa Daza).

What are you currently busy with?

I have two television shows: FoodPrints, a food show that tells the viewer where to eat in the provinces or abroad, and a cooking show called Casa Daza. I do food reviews for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and I just opened a new restaurant called Casa Daza by Chef Sandy. I also have a restaurant in Power Plant Mall called Wooden Spoon. I also lead culinary tours to Japan.

What helped you realize you were on the right path?

I enjoyed discovering new food, creating my own dishes, and making people happy. I knew this would be a lifelong adventure of playing for me and not work. I love what I do. In this sense, I know it is a gift from my God.

What keeps you going in the face of the most daunting challenges?

What keeps me going are the people I love most in life and my trust in God. I cannot and will not fail my family. And whatever challenges I have, I know God has my back. Many times, He does not give what we want, but has something much better. This is derived from many past experiences.

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Watch an episode of Chef Sandy Daza’s cooking show, Casa Daza, below:



Text by Pierra Calasanz-Labrador.

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