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Rookie Kpop Girl Group LIGHTSUM Releases ‘Magical’ New Single, Light A Wish

Two versions are available--the Light Ver and the Wish Ver!

Back in June, Korean entertainment company Cube Entertainment debuted their newest girl group LIGHTSUM, with the single ‘Vanilla’. An eight-piece girl group, LIGHTSUM’s name means “a group of bright LIGHTs coming together as one SUM to illuminate everyone in this world and bring more positive energy to people through their message of hope,” says their agency, who has the likes of Apink, (G)I-DLE, and BTOB among their roster of talents.

The group’s debut single–a song that “expressed the sweet moment of falling in love as a special, eye-opening vanilla taste”–sold 19,000 copies, setting a record for highest initial sales for rookie groups this year. And just four months after their debut success, LIGHTSUM is back with a new single! (Read: 5 Long-Running Kpop Groups That Will Make You Say, “Sana All”)

Light A Wish

The second single of the group is called “Light A Wish”, inspired by the fictional character, the Genie, but with a 21st century take. According to reports, the album “will not only fulfill ‘my’ wishes but also ‘our’ wishes”, and aims to show a “new portrayal” of the Genie which we encountered in films like Aladdin.

Two versions of the album are available for fans: “Light” and “Wish”. The Light ver. is where people will be able to see the 21st century interpretation of the genie and telling its story different from the stereotypical one, while the Wish ver. “conveys in a natural vintage tone the lovely nature of Genie before it awakens in the heart.”

Both versions will have the same three songs, all connected to the idea of “light”, that will make listeners look forward to more of them and their music. Here’s what we know about them! (Read: Explainer: The Anatomy of a Kpop Album)

Track 1: VIVACE

“Named after the Italian word meaning ‘in a lively and brisk manner’ is a track where the house genre and future bass sound harmonize with a dreamlike and magical synthesizer sound…LIGHTSUM who found a beaming world expands their ‘universe of positivity’.”

it was composed and written by Tenzo and WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER) and arranged by the latter as well.

Track 2: You, Jam

“[It has] lyrics that portray the curious feelings you have for someone in a Gen Z style.”

The song was composed by Gloryface (Full8loom), Jinli (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom), writtne by Jinli (Full8loom), and arranged by Gloryface (Full8loom) and yuka (Full8loom).

Track 3: Popcorn

“[The song] highlights LIGHTSUM’s lively musical style with its exciting, high-teen style melody.”

Popcorn was composed by STEVEN LEE, Andreas Stone Johansson, Laurell Barker, Joe Lawrence, with lyrics by Yoon Kyung Jo and arrangement by Joe Lawrence and STEVEN LEE.

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