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3 Valuable Lessons From the Kitchen, According to Chef RV Manabat

The YouTuber chef is one to attest that we all have something to learn from the kitchen!

In everything we do, or don’t do, there’s always a lesson that comes with it. Whether it be failing a class, not getting a job, or even in the most mundane things such as cooking, there is always a lesson or two that we can learn from it.

YouTuber Chef RV Manabat is one to attest that we all have something to learn from the kitchen. In his cooking videos, he would prepare his ingredients and dishes while giving his viewers some life lessons. Often, you would hear him speak words of wisdom while waiting for his dishes to simmer. (Read: 3 Traditional Irish Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day)

As quirky as it may sound, Chef RV’s vlogs are a fun and enlightening take to the usual tutorial videos that we see on YouTube. And if you want to see for yourself how he sprinkles his cooking tutorials with bits of wisdom and advice, read below as My Pope Philippines lists three of his best videos!

Lessons from Chef RV: ‘Balance Is the Key’

In this video tutorial about making ube cheese macaroons, Chef RV reminded his viewers that in everything we do, balance is the key. He says that in cooking, specifically in the recipe he was making, one should make sure that the mixture is not too sweet nor too salty— it should have a perfect balance of tastes.

“You want a perfect balance. Napakaimportante n’on. Mapa-baked goods, mapa sa niluluto mo, and of course, in any relationship, balance is the key— hindi pwedeng nangingibabaw yung isa,” Chef RV says.

Lessons from Chef RV: ‘Sometimes, What You Need Is Just in Front of You’

At one point in his ‘Sweet and Sour Pork’ cooking video, Chef RV forgot to add water while making the sauce. “Napansin ko kasi parang kulang— minsan ma-fi-feel mo na may kulang sa buhay mo,” he jokingly said upon realizing his mistake. (Read: Never Wash Raw Meats Before Cooking – Here’s Why!)

The chef then proceeded to say, “Pero abot kamay mo, andiyan lang pala.” And it’s a subtle reminder that sometimes, we need not look far and wide for the things and people we need— most of the time, they’re just near or maybe even right in front of us.

Lessons from Chef RV: ‘Go With What Makes YOU Happy’

In his opening speech for his banoffee pie tutorial, Chef RV introduced the recipe and said, “Or pwede rin nating tawaging banana cream pie. Kung saan ka masaya.” 

This last line is something that Chef RV would often say in his videos to remind his viewers that they have the freedom to explore other alternatives (terms, ingredients, and even preparation methods) to cooking. (Read: 3 Peanut Butter Alternatives for Baking and Eating)

And despite him saying it nonchalantly in videos, “Kung saan ka masaya” serves as a reminder to viewers that we do not need to follow the norm just because it is what other people do— we always have the freedom to choose what makes us happy.

For more videos of Chef RV Manabat, check out his YouTube channel.

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