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3 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From TV Moms

We love you, (TV) moms!

If dads were our first loves, moms would be considered our first teachers. We confide with them, tell them our crushes, and run to their side when things get rough. Our moms are strict when they need to be, but they can also be our barkada when we need someone to hear our stories— and we love them for it.

But it isn’t just our actual moms that we love and care for— there’s also our titaslolas, and teachers who become our additional moms when we need them to be. And of course, there’s also the TV moms we all love watching who make us feel understood and loved, when we just want to detach ourselves from the real world for a while. (Read: 5 Netflix Films Led by Cool, Inspirational Moms)

So as a last hurrah for this May, a.k.a. Mother’s Month, we give you three important lessons that TV moms have taught us!

Petra Solano Teaches Us About Consent

Photo from CW

When we were kids, our relatives would often hug us or kiss us on the cheek or ask us to kiss their hands. And we would gladly do so most of the time, but sometimes we just aren’t in the mood but they still ask us to do it. (Read: 4 Netflix Characters Who Inspire Us to Heed God’s Message)

This is what Petra from Jane the Virgin taught her twins Anna and Elsa about: consent. She has repeatedly told her kids that they can say no when people ask them for a hug because it is their body and they have authority over it.

Lorelai Gilmore Teaches Us About Respect

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People are often scared of their parents because they have authority over us and are in charge and responsible for every aspect of our life until we’re 18 years old. But for Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, parents can earn their child’s respect without being authoritative.

Lorelai and her daughter Rory have such a close relationship that they consider each other their best friend. Lorelai teaches us that children can still be respectful even if their parents aren’t micromanaging them, as long as boundaries are set between being a parent and child, and a friend.

Claire Dunphy Teaches Us About Time Management

Photo from IMDb

Claire Dunphy from Modern Family is admittedly a perfectionist and is bossy, but indeed, she always gets the job done. But being a wife, a mom of three, and a businesswoman can be tiring even for super moms just like Claire. But she shows us that when you prioritize the things you have to do, you’ll always be able to perform all your duties and responsibilities without a hitch.

Claire also tries to understand her children— who are very different from each other— as much as she could so they could have a healthy relationship.

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