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3 Lessons ‘Over the Moon’ on Netflix Teaches Us About Grief

The film is a learning journey — not just for kids, but even for adults!

Netflix’s newest animated musical film, Over the Moon, recently premiered on the online streaming site—and viewers are immediately loving it. 

The movie, which is about moving forward and embracing the power of change, follows the story of 12-year-old Fei Fei as she struggles with the idea of her father finding new love after the loss of her mother.

Caught off-guard by the idea of having a new mom and a brother, Fei Fei recalls the Chinese myth of her mom used to tell her: The story of the immortal moon goddess, Chang’e, who spends eternity waiting for her long-lost love. Believing her father would change his mind if she can prove that the moon goddess is real, Fei Fei embarks on an adventurous journey to finding Chang’e. (Read: How does one cope with loss and grief while in isolation?)

Over the Moon intertwines the complicated concepts of love and loss to create a beautiful coming-of-age tale. It’s deep and heavy themes spark meaningful conversations between families, and watching it can be a learning journey not just for kids but even for adults. 

Here are some family lessons you can get from watching Over the Moon on Netflix—beware of subtle spoilers ahead, though!

Lessons from Over the Moon: Grief is Individual

Photo from Netflix

By showing the different ways of how the main characters cope with their grief, Over the Moon perfectly captures the many faces of longing and loss. The movie covers these two complicated concepts with such simplicity, even kids can easily understand them.

What’s even good about this Netflix movie is that some of its scenes could start conversations about coping with the death of a loved one. Admittedly, many of us tend to drift away and avoid this topic, hence Over the Moon is a helpful tool in making us realize that grief is normal.

Lessons from Over the Moon: Grief Is Meant to Be Felt

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People often hide their emotions because they believe that it protects themselves from further pain. However, in Over the Moon, there are some wonderful clever moments that explicitly show the importance of feeling your feelings. (Read: 2 Simple Ways to Remain Grateful Despite the Chaos

In one of the final scenes, Fei Fei enters the Chamber of Exquisite Sadness and grieves side by side with Chang’e. In this scene, viewers are made to realize the importance of letting out one’s emotions as it can lead to their growth as an individual.

Lessons from Over the Moon: Change Is an Opportunity

Photo from Netflix

Netflix’s Over the Moon perfectly captures the hesitations that one may experience in allowing new love into their life. Nonetheless, the movie also teaches us that change is not always a bad thing, as it also opens up possibilities of a new chapter for everyone. 

Bonus: Did you know that Netflix tapped Filipina singer Julie Anne San Jose to cover the theme song for Over the Moon? If you haven’t seen her version of “Rocket To The Moon” yet, you can watch it below!

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