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3 Fun Learning Apps You Should Be Downloading Right Now

Pass the time by learning new languages, skills, or trivia with these apps!

Because of the quarantine brought about by the pandemic, we aren’t able to explore and go on adventures like we did in the previous years. We aren’t allowed to travel for leisure and movement even to malls, resorts, and restaurants are limited. This also means that workshops, classes (that aren’t academic- or school-related), and new learning experiences can’t be held currently due to the quarantine.

But since we live in a day and age that is highly technological, it is now possible to learn new things from your phone, in just one click!  (Read: 3 Student-Friendly Apps That Make Online Learning a Breeze)

So to help you start this ‘exploration’ and new hobby discovery, My Pope Philippines lists three mobile apps you can download to learn new things!

If You Want to Learn a New Language, Download Duolingo

Photo from Duolingo

Want to learn a new language to prepare for your post-pandemic travel? Let Duolingo help you! It can teach you hundreds of languages, even some of the dying ones, in a fun, exciting way. Plus it’s free for the most part, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out any amount— unless you want the premium benefits.

Check out Duolingo here.

If You Want to Learn Programming, Download Udacity

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Looking to learn a new skill? Try your hand at programming through the Udacity app! They source out different teaching materials from experts from tech giants such as Facebook and Google which you can study at your own pace. There are also built-in quizzes which you can answer after learning a lesson or two. Udacity has beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses— so anyone can learn using it!

Check out Udacity here.

If You Want to Learn Fun Facts, Download Trivia Crack

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If you’re just looking to pass time while learning at the same time, Trivia Crack is the app for you. It teaches you random trivia about science, geography, entertainment, sports, history, and art, just like how game shows would! You can even challenge your friends to a trivia battle and chat with them in-app.

Check out Trivia Crack here.

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