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Hey, We Can’t Help But Relate to These ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ Stories!

It's not just about 'kilig' for this year's Valentine's Day!

Over the years, fast-food giant Jollibee has made quite the mark in the marketing scene. Every year, on special days like Valentine’s Day, they would come up with various short stories that feature relatable, and sometimes tear-jerking, life experiences.

In 2017, Jollibee made us feel all sorts of emotions after they released a sentimental story about a man’s unrequited love for his female best friend who was about to be wed. Last year, on the other hand, they shed light on the essentiality of growth and proper timing in every relationship, through a heartwarming ad about former lovers who were given a second chance at love after they crossed paths again at Jollibee.

Admittedly, Jollibee’s video series, called Kwentong Jollibee, has earned the praise of viewers here and abroad over the years. And this 2021, their campaign is not at all different— even with the pandemic! (Read: Couple Shares What Makes a Relationship Simple and Easy)

For this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations, Jollibee has come up with a heartfelt Kwentong Jollibee series that has the theme, “Find Strength in Love.” It features real-life experiences of different people amid the pandemic— ones that we can all definitely relate to!

So if you haven’t seen the videos yet or want to know more about them, read below!

Kwentong Jollibee 2021: LDR

When we hear the abbreviation “LDR,” our first thought would be people who are in long-distance relationships. But in this Kwentong Jollibee directed by 2020 MMFF Best Director Antoinette Jadaone, “LDR” means ‘Lockdown Relationship,’ brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.

At the start of the video, the female protagonist can be heard saying she’ll never go into an LDR because it’s “definitely not for me.” She then eventually dates someone in her city, but is forced to go months without seeing each other because of the quarantine— thus, the ‘LDR.’ (Read: These YouTubers Had *This* to Say About Jollibee Chickenjoy)

The video highlights the changes that everyone had to deal with due to the pandemic, especially the struggles of keeping relationships despite the distance. In the end, it leaves us with a hopeful message that we can all make things work— especially when it is for the people we love!

Kwentong Jollibee 2021: First Date

Contrary to its title, First Date is not actually about having your first date with someone, feeling the butterflies and the excitement right before meeting them. Rather, in this video by internationally-acclaimed director Pepe Diokno, we are taught to love and care for ourselves more, especially with the isolation that we are experiencing now because of the pandemic.

“Who would’ve thought I can find love at this time?…But somehow, I found you,” Mara, the protagonist said, “I realized I can give joy to others more when I give myself the care and the love that I deserve.” (Read: Five ways to do soul-searching while in quarantine)

Kwentong Jollibee 2021: Hero

Photo from Jollibee Facebook

The third part of this year’s Kwentong Jollibee series is yet to be released on February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day. But in the trailer for it, the text said, “How will you feel loved when things feel so hopeless?”

While little is known about the last video in this year’s series, Jollibee says all these stories are about “true love that shone the brightest in these toughest of times.”

Hero is directed by Ianco Dela Cruz, who also directed Kwentong Jollibee 2017’s The Vow. You can watch the trailer for the 2021 series here.


Text by Katie Rojas with Aizel Dolom.

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