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Check Out This Ice Kreme Doughnuts From Krispy Kreme!

This ice cream x doughnut combination is a must-try!

Have you ever had to make the difficult decision of picking a dessert to eat? With Krispy Kreme’s Ice Kreme Doughnut, you will no longer have to choose between doughnut or ice cream because you can have both!

That’s right, Krispy Kreme just launched all-new, limited edition Ice Kreme Doughnuts! The new flavors which were released yesterday, July 9, are part of their 84th-anniversary celebration.

All-time favorites

Krispy Kreme knows that picking what dessert to indulge yourself in is definitely a tough choice, especially for a sweet tooth! It’s like making a foodie decide on what ulam to get for lunch. But thanks to creative geniuses, there are times we don’t have to make choices and decisions–because they’ve combined all our favorites into one dish or dessert! (Read: 3 Dessert Recipes You Can Try for Breakfast)

“We’re combining your favorite birthday ice cream treats with our world-famous doughnuts as we scoop to our 84 awesome and magical years of Krispy Kreme!,” Krispy Kreme Philippines said in a tweet.

So what are the flavors included in the limited edition release?

Photo from Krispy Kreme (Philippines) Facebook
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chunky Monkey
  • Strawberry Funfetti
  • Cotton Candy
  • Vanilla Swiss Almond
  • Pistachio

The limited edition donuts will be available for dine-in, take out, Curbside and in-store pick up, drive-thru, and delivery transactions. You may order via their website, through their hotline 888-79000, or GrabFood, FoodPanda, Mangan, OrderMo, and Groover.

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