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You Need to Check Out These Kpop-Themed Cafés, Stat!

Their interiors and menu are definitely worth the hype.

Over the past years, there has been a rise in themed cafés in the country— there are the cat and dog café, board game café, and even an under the sea café! These coffee places pique the interest of regular café customers for their uniquely curated interior and menu.

As themed cafés and restaurants are gaining more popularity, new themes also arise— one of such is Kpop! Several Kpop-themed cafés have opened in recent years, and fans of Korean music and groups are definitely enjoying it. Fan events have been held in these establishments before the pandemic, as they provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance for them. (Read: Explainer: The Anatomy of a Kpop Album)

My Pope Philippines rounds up some of the cafés you can go to if you’re a Kpop fan who wants to listen to their idols’ music, watch their music videos, and enjoy a cup of coffee, all in one place.

Kpop Café: Purple 7 Café

Photos from Purple 7 Cafè Facebook

Purple 7 Café is a BTS-themed coffee place that opened in Quezon City last August 2020. The place is quite literally filled with pictures and posters of the world-renowned Korean boy group on its walls, and the lights are color purple— the color of the group’s fandom.

When it comes to their menu, Purple 7 Café offers a variety of pastries and drinks, but what’s most special is their bottled coffee which is served in a glass bottle with the members’ chibi versions!

Kpop Café: Caratreats

Photos from Caratreats By Iris Facebook

Caviteño Carats, rejoice! Fans of the 13-piece boy group Seventeen who live in Dasmariñas and nearby cities can now visit Caratreats by Iris, a café dedicated to the group. (Read: 3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Blackpink Rosé’s Childhood)

Their interior features blue and pink furniture— the fandom colors of Carats— and walls that are filled with Seventeen merch such as albums, photo pickets, and dolls. They serve milk tea, pasta, rice meals, and Seventeen-themed desserts.

Kpop Café: Yuchi’s Coffee

Photos from Yuchi’s Coffee Facebook

Yuchi’s Coffee in the city of Manila does not have a specific Kpop group or celebrity in mind, but they are definitely Korean-themed! Hallyu (Korean wave) fans have held fan events at this café, and why wouldn’t they? Yuchi’s Coffee has a printer that can actually print your favorite Korean celebrity’s face on your coffee using edible ink!

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