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We Are All Excited About These Kpop Comebacks This Month!

We can't wait to listen to their newest songs!

When artists release new music, fans have almost no preparations for it— they just wait for their idols to release it and then stream it on music platforms worldwide. But in Kpop, preparing for new music and albums is an entirely different experience. They even have a term for an idol or group’s awaited new music!

Called the “comeback,” this is the time when a singer or group releases a new song (or songs) or an entire album. And during the comeback, idols will perform a “comeback stage” or the first-ever performance of their new song. They will also guest on variety and music shows such as Weekly Idol and M Countdown to promote the new releases. (Read: You Need to Check Out These Kpop-Themed Cafés, Stat!)

But comebacks aren’t just a busy time for the singers themselves, fans also find themselves clamoring during this period. Purchasing albums and streaming passes (which are sometimes part of giveaways), buying billboards and ads for the artist, and voting for wins at music shows are just some of the things fans do during comeback season.

So who are the busy fandoms this April? Here they are!

April Kpop Comeback: AB6IX

Photo from AB6IX Facebook

AB6IX’s fans, called ABNEW, will be busy starting next week as the boy group will be releasing new music on April 26. Their newest album ‘Mo’ Complete: Have The Dream will be up on all streaming platforms globally on that day, and fans couldn’t wait for their comeback stage. Click here to check out their Spotify.

April Kpop Comeback: Nu’est

Photo from 뉴이스트 Nu’est Facebook

Five-piece boy group Nu’est will be treating their fans to new music on April 19. Their LOVEs (fans) are anticipating their new album, Romanticize, with the title track “Inside Out” in just a few hours from now! Check out their Spotify to see their discography. (Read: Explainer: The Anatomy of a Kpop Album)

April Kpop Comeback: Kang Daniel

Photo from 강다니엘 KANGDANIEL Twitter

DANITYs are surely still busy as former Wanna One member, singer-songwriter Kang Daniel has recently released his newest album, Yellow. His fans are definitely loving all the songs, especially the title track “Antidote!” He made a comeback on April 13, but DANITYs are still reeling from all the feels the album gave them. Listen to Yellow here.

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