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3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments

Sad that your favorite K-drama ended? Live as if you were the main character by cooking its signature dishes!

Ever since the early 2000’s, Filipinos have been hooked with Koreanovelas or K-drama and Korean culture in general. This was and is still very much evident until now, especially with social media and the internet providing many with access to hallyu or the “Korean Wave”—everything from music, shows, culture, and history.

These days, as we follow strict stay-at-home orders to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many of us have found shelter in K-dramas when it comes to entertaining ourselves and bringing positivity into our daily lives. And honestly, why wouldn’t we? K-dramas make us cry, laugh, smile, and kilig, and they make for a good bonding session with friends and family. And sometimes, we even relate to and connect with the characters we see on screen! (Read: 5 Filipino Films to Premiere on Netflix This September)

But despite the good vibes K-dramas bring, they still have a downside: They leave us missing the feeling of anticipating a new episode when they finally come to an end. Good thing, we can always relive our favorite K-drama moments through their signature food!

Juk from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Photos from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – KDrama 2020 Facebook and Metro.Style

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (IOTNBO), starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji, is undeniably one of the best K-dramas this year. The show lives up to its hype—not to mention the storyline which makes us all feel warm inside no matter what age.

Sadly, the final episode aired last month, and while we all want to see Gang Tae, Sang Tae, and Moon Young back on our screens, there may be no chance of that happening in the near future. (Read: Netflix Introduces ‘Shuffle Play’ for a More Fun Viewing Experience)

But fret not! You can still feel warm inside—just like how IOTNBO made us feel—by cooking the Juk (Korean-style rice porridge) that Moon Young’s mother cooked for her when she found out her mother was the one who was responsible for Gang Tae and Sang Tae’s mother’s death.

Check out the recipe here. There’s also a recipe for the Jangjorim (quail eggs) that her mom paired with the Juk in the link!

Hotpot Steak from The King: Eternal Monarch

Photos from Ji Sang Chung / The Star and Seonkyoung Longest

The King: Eternal Monarch is Lee Min Ho’s comeback show after being discharged from his military service in April 2019. It was also Min Ho and writer Kim Eun Sook’s reunion project, as they first worked together in the popular 2013 K-drama, The Heirs.

A fantasy series, The King was well-received by many all around the world for its plot and the actors’ undeniable talent for acting. The show was also known for the different types of food and drinks the characters ate and drank. But arguably, the most interesting dish is Lee Gon’s (Min Ho’s character) hotpot steak. Admit it, we were all imagining how it tasted!

But imagine no more—you can now cook this dish using this recipe! And as a bonus, you can also try the famous The Alley milk tea that’s just across the street from Tae Eul’s house! (Read: 4 Online Bakeries That Offer Korean Minimalist Cakes) The Alley delivers to select areas reached by FoodPanda, GrabFood, and LalaFood.

Sundubu-jiggae from Itaewon Class

Photos from IMDb and FuReal / Pixabay / Klook

Itaewon Class features one of the most sought-after actors of this generation, Park Seo Joon or better known as PSJ. The story, which revolves around a group of friends wanting to start their own bar, is a coming of age series that many will relate to, especially those who are trying to achieve their dreams despite the many obstacles it’s taking to get there. (Read: 5 Influential Filipina Women Who Prove Hard Work Pays Off)

But aside from its relatable story and great cast, Itaewon Class is also known for its mouthwatering food that were used to represent various emotions and periods in the characters’ lives. The most featured food is the Sundubu-jiggae or the soft tofu stew that the characters often eat together. It definitely looks delicious and mouthwatering, so we scoured the internet to find a recipe for it! Check it out here.

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