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Yup, These Oppas Are Enlisting in the Military This Year

Fans will sadly have to see their idols leave for two years to serve their country.

If there is one thing fans of Korean actors and idols dread, it’s the day their idols have to enlist in the military. These celebrities will be on a hiatus for around two years, as they serve their country and train to become military men.

That is because the South Korean law requires all able-bodied Korean men aged 18 to 28— or 30 for individuals who are “recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have greatly enhanced the image of Korea both within the nation and throughout the world”— to enlist in the military and train for two years. (Read: We Are All Excited About These Kpop Comebacks This Month!)

The likes of Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo), Xiumin and D.O of EXO, and Lee Min Ho (The King Eternal Monarch) have already served in the past. And just last week, another member of the boy group EXO enlisted. On May 6, his 29th birthday, EXO’s Baekhyun finally entered the military for his training.

But fans of Korean idols and actors will have to face a few more dreadful days in the coming months because there are other oppas who will be entering the military. Here are some of them!

Korean Military Enlistment: Ji Soo

Photo from Jisoo Instagram

Ji Soo, who was the center of some bullying allegations earlier this year, is reportedly enlisting in October. His agency Keyeast said that the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo actor received his draft letter last December 2020. Ji Soo is said to report as a public worker instead of an active-duty soldier.

Korean Military Enlistment: SHINee Taemin

Photo from Taemin Instagram

Boy group SHINee’s Taemin will be enlisting on May 31, which he himself announced during a VLive. He says that before his enlistment, his album will be released for the fans to enjoy while he’s on a hiatus. (Read: ‘Good Boy’ Kim Seon Ho Eats Chicharon While Doing Harana!)

Taemin is the last member of SHINee to enlist. The group’s three other members— leader Onew, Key, Minho— have all served already, and were discharged in July 2020, October 2020, and November 2020, respectively.

Korean Military Enlistment: Seo Kang Joon

Photo from SnackFever

Seo Kang Joon, who gained recognition in the drama Cheese in the Trap, is set to enlist anytime this year. The actor will be turning 28 years old on October 12, which means he can no longer postpone his mandatory military service. No official enlistment date has been announced for Seo Kang Joon yet, but expect the news sometime in the near future.

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