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LOOK: This Makati Restaurant Offers Kdrama-Inspired Food Sets!

Korea Garden brings Kdrama food from your screen to the table!

In Korean dramas (Kdramas), there is almost always a scene in each episode where the characters are going to a restaurant and eating a wide array of delicious food. There slurps and bites make us crave for the food on their table, and sometimes even have us call the nearest Korean restaurant and order the food they’re having!

However, it may hard to find the exact same dishes our favorite Korean characters eat in the show altogether. This is because there would usually be a handful of meats, dishes, and side dishes which may not be available all the time.  So you could just imagine our glee when we found Korea Garden in Makati City which serves Kdrama-inspired food sets! (Read: 3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments)

Yes, you read that right. There’s a Makati restaurant that serves different food sets that include many of the signature dishes in some of our favorite Korean shows— all available for delivery!

Korea Garden Food Sets: Hotel Del Luna

Photo from Korea Garden

Hotel Del Luna is a 2019 series starring IU, Kim Soo-hyun, and the late Sulli. It centers on Hotel Del Luna— a hotel which only caters to ghosts, managed by ill-tempered CEO, Jang Man-wol, who is cursed to manage it because of a crime she committed in the past which she couldn’t remember. (Read: Exclusive: Bey Talks ‘Crash Landing,’ Music Inspirations, and More!)

And because she’s the main character of the story, Korea Garden created a food set which includes Man-wol’s favorite dishes! The Hotel Del Luna features the following: steamed mandu, fried mandu, samgyeopsal, and naengmyeun. The set retails for P1,720.

Korea Garden Food Sets: Crash Landing on You

Photo from Korea Garden

Of course, the phenomenal 2019 Korean drama Crash Landing on You (CLOY) has its own set! The drama, which stars real-life couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, is all about a CEO who accidentally paraglides into North Korea, where a North Korean soldier finds her and hides her from authorities. Many fell in love with the series and the characters, which is why they remember even the food from CLOY! (Read: 4 Korean Love Teams Who Became Real-Life Couples)

And with this food set, fans can eat like Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) because it includes her favorites Korean fried chicken, ramyeon, banchan, and grilled beef bulgogi! The CLOY set sells for P1,590. (Read: 3 Restaurants, Cafes Owned by Your Favorite Korean Celebrities)

Korea Garden Food Sets: Goblin

Photo from Korea Garden

Goblin is a 2016 fantasy drama series top-billed by Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, and Lee Dong-wook. The series revolves around Gong Yoo who plays the mystical Kim Shin, a military general from the Goryeo Dynasty who is cursed by the Almighty to be immortal. The only way he can end his immortality is if the Goblin’s bride pulls out a sword from his body.

And in the series, food played a huge role as the second lead, Sunny, owns a chicken restaurant! And now, you, too can get Sunny’s favorite dishes on your table. The Goblin set features Korean fried chicken, kimbap, ramyeon, and soju. You can get it for P830 only.

Order these food sets from their website, Facebook page, or by calling 0949 053 8567.

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