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Kokoy de Santos Shares His Inspiring Journey to Stardom

Get to know the "Gameboys" actor and why he is a rising star to watch for!

Even with the growing number of talented actors in the industry, Kokoy de Santos’ impeccable acting skills and undeniable charisma remain certain—proving that he is a rising star to watch for.

There is something in Kokoy’s tantalizing eyes that screams X-factor, and we all saw them light up in every episode of the Filipino Boys Love (BL) series, Gameboys. In the series centered on how love can overcome all boundaries, Kokoy played the character of Gavreel Alarcon—the quirky yet lovable suitor of Cairo Lazaro which was played by another rising star, Elijah Canlas. (Read: 5 Must-Watch Movies Starring Elijah Canlas)

In the series which was done while the enhanced community quarantine was imposed nationwide, Kokoy proved that he is more than what meets the eye. He perfectly portrayed his character’s diverse personalities and emotions with contrasting charm, gaining him fans not just in the Philippines but also in the USA, Europe, and several countries in Asia. 

With the success of Gameboys, people have gained curiosity about the young actor and wanted to learn more about him. Luckily, My Pope Philippines got to interview Kokoy to get to know him even more.

His Journey to Stardom

Photos from Kokoy De Santos Instagram and Twitter

Kokoy’s journey to stardom started at a very young age. According to him, it all started when he joined and won a children pageant called Little Earth Angel back when he was still in elementary school. 

“Elementary palang ako, may pumunta sa school namin na parang nag hahanap para sa Little Earth Angels,” Kokoy shared. “Sumali ako, swerte naman at nanalo ako. Buong Pilipinas yun,” he added. (Read: Kokoy de Santos on Life, Acting, and His Passion for Cooking)

He also shared that from there, he started auditioning for TV commercials and teleseryes. “Nung nag start na akong mag commercials, may naka discover sa akin. Try ko daw mag teleserye. Nag start ako sa MMK, [then] ayun, tuloy-tuloy na. Tiyaga lang,” he said.

His Growth as an Actor

Photos from Kokoy De Santos Instagram

Just like any other aspiring star, Kokoy was dedicated to honing his talent and skills. That’s why when he was starting, he also joined acting workshops and training. “Nag workshop din ako before kay Direk Manny Valera,” he shared. 

When asked about what role helped him to grow as an actor, Kokoy was quick to answer that every role he had done in the past helped him a lot in his journey. 

Ako kasi every role na ginagampanan ko, eh lahat yon hindi pwedeng wala akong nababaon kahit konti,” he said. “Hindi ka dapat nag aalangan sa mga tatanggapin mong roles. Dapat enjoyin mo lang. (Read: 5 Life Lessons Millennials Can Learn From ‘Emily in Paris’)

He also shared that his acting journey has taught him not to give up easily and learn to love everything you do. “Lahat kasi inaapplyan ko ng love eh, so sa tingin ko yun yung isang malaking factor na natututan ko sa acting,” he said.

Watch our full interview with Kokoy de Santos below:

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