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3 Kid-Friendly Netflix Shows You Can Binge With Family

Even teens and adults will get to enjoy these shows!

In recent months, there has been a slew of new series that have been released on Netflix. There are Korean dramas such as Law School, Vincenzo, and Move to Heaven, and English-language series like Bridgerton, Never Have I Ever, and The Crown. These shows have all become fan favorites, and are recommended by many viewers globally.

However, these shows aren’t exactly kid-friendly because they’re either for 16+ or 18+ viewers. This means you can’t binge these with your kids, younger siblings, or cousins. But luckily, Netflix has hundreds of series you can choose from–including kid-friendly shows that are rated 7+! (Read: 5 Books That Teach Kids the Complexities of Love)

So we’re here to list three shows you can watch with a younger audience, that you will still get to enjoy!

Kid-Friendly Series: We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is a 2015 animated series featuring three adorable bears: Grizzly, Ice Bear, and Panda. They are adopted brothers who are trying to fit into modern human society and are struggling to fight off their animal instincts. In each episode, they encounter different people who often teach them lessons and values in life, which they take to heart.

Watch it here.

Kid-Friendly Series: Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy is a live-action series about two siblings who enter a boarding school where they encounter rivalry, romance, and mystery. And every day, they try to navigate their way in school while dealing with the mystery that somehow relates to their dead mom.

Watch it here.

Kid-Friendly Series: The InBESTigators

The InBESTigators is an Australian show that centers on four clever school children who start their own detective agency. They vlog about their experiences while doing their ‘job’, and become lifelong friends along the way. Each episode deals with a different mystery that these young detectives have to solve.

Watch it here.

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