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3 Kid-Friendly Movies You Should Add To Your Halloween Watchlist

Don't worry, nothing in this list is too scary!

This week, one of children’s most favorite events is happening: Halloween! They might love it because of the costumes and the dress ups, or the sweets and treats they can get, or maybe because they get to spend time with their friends who are also dressed up as their favorite characters. Whatever the reason, kids definitely love Halloween season!

Don’t let the pandemic hinder you from celebrating Halloween. You can hold your own trick or treat or costume party at home with family, and maybe even have a movie night and watch kid-friendly Halloween-themed movies! So if you’re planning to do the latter, here are some fun movie suggestions for you! (Read: Celebrate Halloween at Home With These Spooky Treats!)

Halloween Movie: The Corpse Bride

Photo from IMDb

If you’re looking for one of the perfect halloween movies, this Tim Burton stop-motion animated film is definitely a classic that everyone should watch at lease once in their life. A dark fantasy film, The Corpse Bride tells the story of Victor, a man who accidentally gets married to a skeleton-like creature while practicing his wedding vows in the woods. Because they were now married, Emily–the skeleton–takes Victor to the land of the dead.

Halloween Movie: Hotel Transylvania

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This movie series that began in 2012 is not at all scary or creepy–perfect for kids and parents who easily get scared! Instead, Hotel Transylvania and all its sequels are funny and filled with lessons that kids should learn. Catch famous vampire Dracula have a child of his own, then eventually a son-in-law, and then a couple of grandkids in this hilarious animated movie featuring many of our beloved Halloween creatures! Its voice cast includes singer-actress Selena Gomez, veteran comedic actor Adam Sandler, and producer and comedian Andy Samberg. This will probably top your list of kid-friendly Halloween movies! (Read: LOOK: These DIY Pope Francis Costumes Are Perfect for Your Kids This Halloween!)

Halloween Movie: Coco

“Coco” (2016)

While Coco isn’t exactly advertised as one of the go-to Halloween movies, it does feature skeletons and the world of the dead–one of the signature Halloween creatures. This 2017 animated film from Disney stars Miguel, a young boy who loved music but wasn’t allowed by his family to pursue, let alone play, music. But during the Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead), he discovers a magical world where the dead meet the living, and finds out about secrets in their family.

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