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DIY Home Remedies to Keep You and Your Pets Cool This Summer

As the summer season is here, Filipinos have been seeking ways to beat the hot weather.

In the past few days, everyone living in the Philippines has been experiencing intense heat. Households would constantly use their air conditioning units to beat the heat of the afternoon sun or use ice for all their drinks.

Some people have also been showering multiple times a day just to cool down. Pets are also being affected by the hot weather and they are constantly panting or drinking water.

But sometimes, these measures aren’t enough to beat the heat. Here are four My Pope-ways to help you and your pets cool down in this very hot weather!

Keep Yourself Cool With: A Homemade cooler

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Grab a plastic bottle and fill it with water. Place it in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze. Once the water becomes frozen, wrap the bottle in a towel or bimpo, and wipe it on your body.

You can also use this homemade cooler so you won’t wake up sweaty and sticky. Follow the same procedures and insert the bottle into your pillowcase. You can hug the pillow so you could feel cool while sleeping.

Keep Yourself Cool With: Aloe Vera Spray

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Aloe vera has lots of benefits for the skin and hair, and now, you can also use it as a natural home remedy to beat the hot weather. What you have to do is get one tablespoon of aloe vera juice (straight from the plant) and pour it into a spray bottle.

Mix the aloe vera with water and shake. The natural anesthetic of the plant will help your body feel cool, according to experts.

Keep Your Pets Cool With: A Cool Towel

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

A towel is a simple and useful home-ready when it comes to keeping your pets cool in this hot weather. Grab a towel that you use for your pet and place it in the freezer (place it in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t touch any human food).

Wait a few minutes for it to cool, then take it out of the freezer and wipe it on your pet’s ears, neck, and paws.Make sure the towel is not too cold for your four-legged friend!

Keep Your Pets Cool With: Cold water

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You can use cold water or even put ice on your pet’s water bowl to make them feel cooler—just like how you would your own drink!

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