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These Food-Inspired Book Covers Will Make Your Books Look Kawaii!

Slip into the kawaii life with these book covers!

Japan is known for its bullet trains, anime, beautiful sceneries, and of course, attractions like Tokyo DisneySea and Harry Potter World. But aside from these, the land of the rising sun is also popular for its kawaii (cute) culture.

For those who don’t know what kawaii is, it is the Japanese culture of cuteness. Kawaii can be seen in the way some people in Japan dress, act, and write, and it can also be read in some of their manga. (Read: 5 Unique Japanese Principles That Everyone Should Follow)

The kawaii culture has become so widespread that even people in other countries and parts of the world, including the Philippines, are now trying their hand at it. And because the culture has become viral, a bookstore in Osaka, Japan, decided to combine it with the Japanese tradition of using book covers.

‘Would You Like a Cover?’

‘Kaba otsuke shimashouka?’ (Would you like a cover?) is what bookstore owners and sales personnel would usually ask a customer after they purchase a book. The cover they are referring to is a book cover—used to protect the spine of a book, shield it from dust, and keep it clean and in good shape for longer.

The use of book covers in Japan is actually a century-old tradition that is reported to have started around 1912. And now, Seiwado Bookstore in Osaka is keeping up with the times while honoring a longstanding tradition by creating book covers that are kawaii! (Read: Japan to Release 3,000 Anime Titles on YouTube by 2022)

The 50-year-old family-owned bookstore has created book covers of their own that are colorful and food-inspired, encouraging customers to buy books from them. The designs range from French baguettes to watermelon slices and even to ice cream!

Photo from Seiwado Book Store Instagram

Photos from Seiwado Book Store Instagram

The designs were a spur of the moment idea by the bookstore owner’s grandson who was skilled in the art and worked at a printing shop. Not only did he make interestingly designed book covers, but he also created bookmarks to go with it!

The book covers and bookmarks are free of charge and all customers who buy books may opt to have their purchase covered with these kawaii book covers. You can check their Instagram for more information and see what these covers look like.

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