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Kpop Songs to Return on Spotify, Licensing Dispute Now Settled

To celebrate this good news, we list three Korean artists who will be returning to the music streaming platform!

On the first day of March, Kpop fans were shocked to find out that most of their favorite songs to listen to were nowhere to be seen on music streaming platform, Spotify. It comes after thousands of Kpop songs were removed from the platform due to a dispute in licensing agreement between Spotify and Korean music distributor, Kakao M.

But now, just less than two weeks after the issue broke the internet, the two companies have finally forged a new deal regarding music licensing for hundreds of Kpop artists distributed by Kakao M. (Read: 8 Words You Should Know if You’re a True K-Pop Fan)

“Both companies have completed discussions about the renewal of their global licensing contract. As a result, Kakao Entertainment’s content will be available on Spotify platforms around the world, including in South Korea,” they said in a joint statement.

That means the songs that initially got removed will be back on Spotify in the near future! So to celebrate this good news, My Pope Philippines is giving you three artists who were affected by the issue that you should definitely listen to once all their songs are back on the platform.

Kpop Artists Under Kakao M: IU

Photo from 아이유(IU) Facebook

IU is a 27-year-old South Korean soloist who entered the music scene in 2007 under Kakao M. Fast forward a decade later, IU is now dubbed as the most successful female soloist in Korea! (Read: 3 Platforms Where You Can Listen to Kpop Other Than Spotify)

Currently, IU has over five million monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of her most popular songs on the platform as of writing are You & I (Japanese version), Monday Afternoon, and Beautiful Dancer.

Kpop Artists Under Kakao M: Seventeen

Photo from SEVENTEEN Facebook

Seventeen is a 13-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment and BigHit Labels that debuted in 2015. They are known as a self-producing group as they write and produce their own music, and choreograph most of their dances.

Seventeen is also known as the “Kings of Synchronization” as they are very in-sync both choreography- and skill-wise (all are on the same level of dancing skills) during performances. Their albums and EPs “Semicolon,” “Heng:garae,” and “An Ode” are currently available on Spotify.

Kpop Artists Under Kakao M: MAMAMOO

Photo from 마마무 Mamamoo Facebook

MAMAMOO is a four-piece girl group that debuted in 2014 under RBW. Their members are Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa (who also has a solo career under RBW). MAMAMOO is best known for what some critics say is one of the best debuts of 2014, with their single “Mr. Ambiguous.”

More than three million people on Spotify listen to the group monthly, and they have more than 80 million streams on their five most popular tracks alone.

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