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LOOK: This Journal Helps Moms Track Eating Habits And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle– For The Whole Family!

Here’s a helpful guide towards healthy living and maternal care!

A private sector-led initiative, Kain Tayo Pilipinas, in partnership with non-government organizations (NGO), calls to solve the malnutrition and hunger problem experienced by more than 30 million Filipinos by providing food and nutrition education programs to families across the country. (Read: 3 Ways You Can Help Ensure Food Security in the Coming Years)

As part of its nutrition education program, Kain Tayo Nutritional Journal was created to help mothers care for their children from the crucial first 1,000 days of life up to five years old. This is a much-needed guide for mothers and pregnant mothers who want to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle!

What makes it more worthwhile to read is that the journal is written in Tagalog, which is easier to understand. It also caters to Filipino families as it covers proper hygiene and nutrition, including a 21-day menu guide and recipes for a family of five. Read below the overview and important sections of the journal. 

Healthy pregnancy and baby care 

Photos from Kain Tayo Nutrition Journal

Pregnancy is a fulfilling and wonderful journey for most women. However, it can be overwhelming at some point, especially in nurturing the baby. The journal presents educational materials on maternal and child supplementation, breastfeeding, proper latching, responsive feeding, complementary feeding (with recipes), and tips on sustainable feeding and a healthy diet for mothers, babies, and children. (Read: 3 Celebrity Moms Who Were Blessed With a Miracle Baby)

The topics are divided into several sections along with engaging visuals, sample records, notes, and immunization charts for mothers and babies. It can be used as a pattern in monitoring pregnancy and maternal care. In case you already forgot the basic food groups, there’s a Go, Grow, Glow chart included as well! 

Birth spacing

Photo from Kain Tayo Nutrition Journal

The journal also explains the importance of family planning and birth spacing. Many Filipino families still lack proper education in family planning, which leads to high fertility rates and maternal deaths. 

Birth spacing or pregnancy spacing is the interbirth interval or inter-pregnancy interval refers to how soon after a prior pregnancy a woman becomes pregnant or gives birth again. The journal lists the things that couples should consider in birth spacing and responsible family planning. 

“Dapat pag-usapan ng mag-asawa ang tungkol sa pagplaplano, pagpili at paggamit ng isang paraan na angkop sa kanilang kalagayan,” the journal wrote. (Read: ‘How My Family Coped With Unexpected Pregnancy Amid Pandemic’)

21-day menu guide

Photo from Kain Tayo Nutrition Journal

And because of its goal to provide nutrition education programs to Filipinos, the journal created a 21-day menu guide consisting of affordable and nutritious meals and recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The estimated cost, nutrition facts, and nutri-tips for each meal can be read in the journal too! 

The menu guide specifically caters to a family of five, but it can also be appropriate to families with more than five members by adjusting the serving. Some of the meals are Ginisang Repolyo, Bihon, Pancit Molo, Ginataang Papaya, Sardines Sandwich, Longganisa Fried Rice, and more. (Read: Pancit Puso Recipe: A Tastier and Healthier Twist!)

How to access the journal

Photo from Kain Tayo Nutrition Journal

Kain Tayo Nutritional Journal might be the first step in educating the public and discussing the hunger problem and malnutrition in the country. This journal will be distributed to the beneficiaries of Kain Tayo Pilipinas. If you want to read the journal, you may see the downloadable PDF version here. For more information and if you wish to donate, visit the Kain Tayo Pilipinas website

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