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REVIEW: Jollibee’s New Spicy Champ and Strawberry Cheese Pie Are Must-Try Items

Get it now at your nearest Jollibee branch!

Recently, Filipino fast food giant Jollibee launched two new items for their menu. The first one is a spicier variation of their hefty Champ burger, aptly called Spicy Champ. And second is the new dessert, strawberry cheese pie.

The two new menu items received great reviews from patrons of the food chain, so naturally, we at My Pope Philippines got curious if the new products were actually delicious. So what we did is ordered them and tried them out for ourselves! (Read: WATCH: Erwan Heussaff Recreates Fast Food Dishes at Home)

Here’s what we think of Jollibee’s new items!

Spicy Champ

Photo from Jollibee

If you’re a fan of burgers, but don’t want to spend too much on food, the Spicy Champ is a great choice! The beef patty is the same as all other Jollibee burgers–but the sauce is something else. The sriracha mayo has a kick to it that isn’t too overpowering, but will make you feel the heat for sure. What’s more is that there are real jalapeño slices to make it even hotter! And as a spice lover myself, the Spicy Champ was definitely a treat. So to all my spice lovers out there, here’s something you should be getting now! (Read: Hey, 90’s Kids! Don’t You Wish These Fast Food Items Would Make A Comeback?)

Strawberry Cheese Pie

Photo from Jollibee

We all know that the Peach Mango Pie is Jollibee’s iconic and most loved dessert. But the newest strawberry cheese pie is making a case of its own. The combination of sweet strawberry and salty melted cheese is great, then you add Jollibee’s signature flaky pie crust, and you’ve got yourselves perfection. And if you’re worried that it’s going to be too sweet–it’s not. The strawberry is just the perfect sweetness and the cheese and crust balance it out. So if you’re looking to find a new dessert, better try out this pie!

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