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Have You Tried These Jollibee Items in Other Countries?

Jollibee adds to its menu to localize their branches' dishes around the world!

It’s undeniable that the Jollibee craze has been growing all around the world. YouTube content creators from different corners of the world have even made reaction videos to their first time trying out Jollibee meals. They usually try the basic meals like the ChickenJoy, Jolly Hotdog, and the Jolly Spaghetti, which Filipinos are all familiar with.

But what we probably haven’t tried are Jollibee’s international specials! These are ‘country exclusives’ for various Jollibee branches around the world— ones that represent each country’s specialties mixed with the fast food’s signature flavors.

Here are some of the meals from across the globe that we’re curious about and would love to try in the future!

Jollibee Kuwait: Spicy ChickenJoy with Kabsa Rice

Photo from Jollibee Kuwait Facebook

Just like in the Philippines, Jollibee stores in Kuwait serve their chicken with rice. But unlike the steamed white rice we’re used to, they serve the Spicy ChickenJoy with Kabsa rice! Kabsa rice is a mixed rice dish usually made of Basmati rice, and includes meat, vegetables, and spices.

Jollibee Vietnam: Chili Chicken

Photo from Jollibee Vietnam Facebook

In their effort to localize their signature dish, Jollibee made a chili sauce for their ChickenJoy as the Vietnamese locals love it! Thus, Jollibee stores in Vietnam serve Chili Chicken instead of the regular ChickenJoy. (Read: Jollibee Opens First Store in Rome, Italy)

They also have fish nuggets, squid rings, red milk tea, green milk tea, and an Ovaltine drink. Plus, a fun fact: Jollibee Vietnam also has the cheapest ChickenJoy around the world!

Jollibee Singapore: Nasi Lemak ChickenJoy

Photo from Jollibee Singapore Facebook

If there is one dish that Southeast Asia is popular for, it would most likely be Nasi Lemak. The dish, which originated in Malaysia and quickly spread throughout the region, is rice cooked in coconut milk (gata) and pandan leaves. (Read: Why Is Adobo So Popular in Other Countries?)

For the Nasi Lemak ChickenJoy, the rice and chicken are served sambal (chili-based sauce), ikan bilis (dried fish), hard boiled egg, and cucumber.

Jollibee USA: Adobo Rice with Chicken Dippers

Photo from Jollibee USA Facebook

With millions of Filipinos living in the United States, it’s no wonder that Jollibee added a classic Filipino favorite to its menu. In its US stores, you will find the Adobo rice with Chicken Dippers on the menu! A twist to the usual adobo dish we’ve all grown to love, Jollibee’s adobo rice will surely remind our kababayans of home.

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