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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Joel Trinidad sets stage for Guadalupe: The Musical

Actor-director-producer Joel Trinidad, son of veteran actor Noel Trinidad, gives us a sneak peek into his unique family life beyond the limelight, and tells us about his latest endeavor, Guadalupe: The Musical.

How did your family influence your career?

I grew up watching my father on stage, and everything about his job looked like tremendous fun. When I decided to pursue acting professionally, my father tried to dissuade me at first; as a practical man, he felt that theater was an unstable profession. “It’s not just about talent,” he would often say. “You also need luck.” But he and my mother also said, “Whatever you decide to do, we are behind you all the way.” It was the same thing when I began directing and writing plays: The reason I was able to do it was because they assured me that I could.

Tell us about your new musical.

Guadalupe: The Musical, with book and lyrics by me and music by Ejay Yatco, is the story of the amazing events that occurred in 1531 in Guadalupe, Mexico, when it was still known as New Spain. A humble Aztec named Juan Diego approaches the Spanish Archbishop, claiming that he was instructed by the Virgin Mary to build a church in her name. What follows is a story that changed the world for both believers and non-believers alike.

What inspired you to write Guadalupe: The Musical?

I was commissioned to write the show by theater icons Julie Borromeo and Baby Barredo, Guadalupe devotees both. Once I started researching the story, it became an inspiration in itself! I quickly realized that the many dramatic elements of the historical narrative could be a very powerful musical.

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Joel Trinidad sets stage for Guadalupe: The Musical - image CAST-OF-GUADALUPE-THE-MUSICAL on
Directed by Baby Barredo, Guadalupe: The Musical is set in the background of a uniquely inspiring tale that will appeal to theater-lovers everywhere. Victor “Cocoy” Laurel (in white) plays the central role of Juan Diego, the humble Aztec mat-weaver who claims to see an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Theater stalwarts Lorenz Martinez, Shiela Valderrama- Martinez, Onyl Torres, and Miguel Vasquez will join the stage along with Noel Rayos, Kyla Rivera, and Joel Trinidad in various major roles.

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Text by Yen Cantiga.
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