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Want to know how it feels to be Jesus? This new video game will show you how!

The Catholic influence has taken on a new frontier. From art and culture, it has now transcended to the world of video games—one that lets you play the character of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

You read that right! You might be asking, is it possible to be a faithful Catholic and a video gamer? Well, this upcoming video game titled “I am Jesus Christ” might just answer your question. The game allows players to be Jesus Christ himself and reenact stories from his baptism all the way to his resurrection. The story, of course, stars Jesus—in a realistic simulation for the players to enjoy. 

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Education and Inspiration

Most religious video games these days revolve around two goals: to educate the player about religion and to inspire them to keep believing. With “I am Jesus Christ,” the gameplay mechanics look pretty easy and similar to other adventure games—but with less brutality and more focus on leading the players to a much better understanding of Jesus and his life!

In an interview with Rev. Christopher J. Benek, an internationally recognized expert in emerging technology and theology, he said that creating new ways to teach people formational Christian behavior using emerging technology is essential to the future flourishing of the church and the game can be a good thing for video game players.

Indeed, ‘I am Jesus Christ’ sounds promising! No wonder why hopes are high that it will help gamers feel closer to their faith. 

Watch the video game teaser below: 


Text by Mark Baccay. 

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