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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Jericho Rosales sells ‘Echo’ bags for an eco-cause

It looks like Jericho Rosales has seen the memes and decided to join in. The Pinoy actor, known for his nickname ‘Echo,’ recently debuted “Echo” bag—an environment-friendly tote bag that has the actor’s face printed on it. Clever, right? 

The bag came to life with the help of Rosales and his artist friends. The “Echo” bags feature the work of photographer Karen de la Fuente, who posted an image of the tote bag on her social media.

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ECHO BAG. Photo from order form

ECHO BAG. Photo from order form

Sustainable Life 

In recent years, living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has been in fashion, and saving Mother Earth is being considered as the cool thing to do, especially among younger generations. It comes as the decades-worth of using disposable plastic bags has finally put a toll on nature, resulting in major threats to marine life, climate change, and damage to human health and wildlife.  This is also the very reason why the “Echo” bags come in handy.


Jericho’s bags are now for sale and are ready to change the game. They can be pre-ordered with a price of PHP 300. Not only that, the “Echo” bag turns out to be literally eco-friendly, as all proceeds will go to Waves 4 Water—a non-profit organization helping people around the world get access to clean water.

Sounds fairly Echo, right? If you are an avid fan and want to feel the collector’s item in your hands, you can pre-order the bag here.



Text by Mark Baccay.

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