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5 Flavorsome Jackfruit Dessert Recipes To Try

Make your desserts sweeter and healthier!

We often see strips of jackfruit or langka when eating turon and Halo-halo. It adds sweetness and blends with other fruits, making it a perfect dessert that everyone would love! 

Infusing jackfruit into your diet is a good choice since it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Aside from using it as an ingredient in several Filipino treats, you can also experiment with different jackfruit dessert recipes!

If you want the right balance of sweetness in your desserts, you should try these healthy and tasty jackfruit dessert recipes! (Read: 5 Dessert Recipes Using Fruits in Summer Season)

Jackfruit dessert recipes: Jackfruit sago

Photo from Malaysian Chinese Kitchen

Mango sago is the kind of sago dessert that is popular among Filipinos. Level it up with a creamy and refreshing jackfruit sago dessert! The combination of jackfruit, pandan, and coconut milk provides a mouthwatering aroma while the sago thickens the sauce. It is usually served cold, but you can also serve it warm. Get the recipe here

Jackfruit dessert recipes: Minatamis na langka

Photo from Kawaling Pinoy

A healthy and sweet merienda? Opt for minatamis na langka! We all know that minatamis na saging is typically mixed with jackfruit. For a twist or if bananas are not available in your kitchen, you can just use jackfruit. This is very easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients! You can add some milk or syrup if you prefer a sweeter flavor. Get the recipe here. (Read: 3 Flourless Dessert Recipes You Should Try at Home)

Jackfruit dessert recipes: Jackfruit pastillas

Photo from Stephanie Suratos Flickr

The main ingredient in pastillas de leche is carabao’s milk, which makes it sugary. The common pastillas flavors are ube, pandan, chocolate, and such. Do you ever wonder how it would taste if you’ll use jackfruit as a flavoring? Yes, jackfruit is an ideal fruit that can be used for pastillas because of its fruity aroma and sweet taste! Get the recipe here.

Jackfruit dessert recipes: Maja langka

Photo from Kawaling Pinoy

The maja langka is a unique take on the classic maja blanca! Its soft and thick texture is the same as maja blanca, but it is studded with jackfruit instead of corn and topped with latik. The coconut also adds flavor and a bit of crunch. Surprise your relatives at your next gathering with this delicious maja langka! Get the recipe here. (Read: 3 Flavored Taho Recipes to Try at Home)

Jackfruit dessert recipes: Langka cheesecake bars

Photo from Pinoy Cooking Recipes blog

This is the dessert the kids will love! There are a lot of cheesecake flavors in different cafes and restaurants. Make your own special and scrumptious cheesecake bars using jackfruit! It has a moist and fluffy base and each layer is filled with langka strips. Get the recipe here.

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