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ICYMI: Promil Four’s iShine Talent Camp Is Back!

Start them young, as they say!

Parents always try to give the best opportunities for their children. They enroll them in the best schools, provide them with the best tutors when needed, and sign them up for summer classes or extracurricular activities taught by masters of their own field. And even amid the pandemic, parents still try to enroll their children in workshops and classes so the kids would learn something new.

But not many schools and workshops are open during the quarantine which makes slots limited. Students have to sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis, and many ends up either waitlisted, or looking at a workshop-less summer. Luckily, some YouTube channels offer free tutorial videos and workshop class videos for anyone who wants to learn! (Read: We Ranked AC Bonifacio’s Dance Covers – Here Are Our Top Picks!)

Just like Promil Four, which has recently launched this year’s #Promil4iShine Talent Camp videos on their channel! The videos feature some of the best artists and creatives in the country right now, and they’re going to teach kids the basics of their individual crafts!

Let’s meet the mentors and masters for this year’s iShine Talent Camp!

Visual Arts: Robert Alejandro, Kara Escay, & Magic Liwanag

Photos from Promil Four Facebook and Magic Liwanag Instagram

For the Visual Arts category, there will be two Masters and one Mentor that will be teaching kids about the discipline. The first Master is Robert Alejandro, who is a craftsmaster and the president of the famous crafts shop Papemelroti! The second Master is Kara Escay, Arts Director of the Masterpiece Movement.

The sole Mentor for Visual Arts is Magic Liwanag, a professional photographer who is a rising name in concert photography.

Music: Ryan Cayabyab & Ben&Ben

Photos from Promil Four Facebook

Ryan Cayabyab, or Mr. C to many, will be the Master for Music for this year’s iShine Talent Camp. He is an award-winning composer, conductor, pianist, arranger, and singer, and is also a National Artist of the Philippines since 2018. (Read: Meet Msgr. Rudy Villanueva, A Celebrated Musician and Writer)

To complement the Master, Paolo and Miguel Guico of the award-winning nine-piece band Ben&Ben will be mentoring kids for the talent camp.

Dance: Georcelle Dapat-Sy & G-Force Dance Center

Photos from Teacher Georcelle Instagram and (logo) G-Force Dance Center – Home Of The Celebrity Choreographers Facebook

If there’s one name that has been popular in recent years, it would be G-Force. It is a dance group from its namesake dance center, and led by its founder Georcelle Dapat-Sy, or ‘Teacher G’ to many. And for the iShine Talent Camp, Teacher G and her crew will be teaching aspiring dancers the basics, as the Master and Mentor, respectively, for the Dance category.

Performance: Audie Gemora & Dimples Romana

Photos from Promil Four Facebook

All aspiring young actors are very lucky to have veteran actor and Director and Founder of the School of Academy and Arts, Audie Gemora as one of their teachers. Plus, everyone is in for a treat as veteran actress Dimples Romana will act as the mentor for the Performance video series.

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