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Home Entertainment How to be fair and open with your kasambahay? Ask Isabelle Daza!

How to be fair and open with your kasambahay? Ask Isabelle Daza!

"I decided to (do this) for my helpers at home to show their job description and rights as an employee."

From kasambahay to kasambuhay, Isabelle Daza really knows how to treat her employees well. The first time mom came up with a unique way of making her kasambahay feel more secure and valued in her household.

The actress recently revealed on Instagram that she conducts a survey for her kasambahays to answer every quarter. 

The survey contains questions such as “What are your dreams in life,” “When are you most tired,” and “Do you still like what you are doing.” But one question makes everything better, it’s the part where her kasambahay reveals what annoys her most about Isabelle. 

In Isabelle’s Instagram stories, her kasambahay genuinely answered that she gets annoyed whenever Isabelle gives her too many orders in a short amount of time. (Read: A Bond Thicker than Blood: Yaya Didang and the Barretto Family)

Photos from Isabelle Daza Instagram Story

According to the celebrity mom, she decided to give the questionnaires every three months in order for her to know how they feel in the workplace. (Read: Have you looked into your workplace’s safety measures against COVID-19?)

“This is my way to get to know the needs of people who help and care for me,” Isabelle added.

Kasambahay Contract

Isabelle was also applauded by many in 2019 when she shared a draft of the contract she asked her household helpers to sign. She explained that the contract “serves and protects all parties concerned.” 

“I decided to create a contract for my helpers at home to show their job description and their rights as an employee,” Isabelle wrote on her Instagram Stories. “This is also so they know they cannot get fired over simple mistakes,” she added. (Read: Do Flexible Working Arrangements Really Work?)

The actress is also shared her dream of professionalizing being kasambahay. Having a “Kasambahay Contract” really proves that she is after her employees’ welfare.

Photos from Isabelle Daza Instagram Story

In 2013, Republic Act No. 10361, more popularly known as the Batas Kasambahay, was enacted into law to establish certain policies for the welfare of domestic workers. The law does require a binding contract between the employer and the kasambahay.


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