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3 Handy Features We Love From The New iOS 15 Update

The new iOS update is Apple's 15th major operating system release for its products.

A few days after the new iPhone 13 series and iPad were made public by tech giant Apple, they formally launched the latest iOS update for many of its iPhones. An exclusive operating system for Apple products, the iOS 15 introduces new features to Apple users.

And as an iPhone user, I was curious about the new things I can do with my phone through the iOS 15 update. So after reading about it on the official Apple website, reviews from trusted tech reviewers online, and asking feedback from my friends who have already updated their phones, I immediately downloaded the update. (Read: LOOK: Apple Unveils 4 Models of iPhone 13, iPad, Watch Series With New Amazing Features)

While iOS 15 isn’t as big as the iOS 14 update which introduced widgets and home screen customization, the 15th release of the operating system is still a great one! Here are some of my favorite new features!

iOS 15 Features: Background sounds

Photos courtesy of Katie Rojas

Are you a fan of nature’s sounds such as the ocean waves crashing or raindrops falling, just like me? Or do you search “Raindrops” or “Waves” on YouTube, and use these sounds to fall asleep more comfortably at night? Now, you can do it on your phone without all the searching through the new “background sounds” feature! All you have to do is find the ear icon in the control center (where the toggle for WiFi, airplane mode, and others are found), press it for a few seconds until a new menu shows up, and click on background sounds. You can now choose whether you want the sound of ocean waves, the rain, a stream, or just a bright noise. You can even use it while playing a video or song on your phone!

iOS 15 Features: Drag and drop

Photos courtesy of Katie Rojas

Have you ever had the problem of switching in between apps just to copy and paste text from your notes to your messages? I certainly have, especially when I first need to compose a message that I don’t want to accidentally send with typos and errors. Now, iOS 15 can help you with that! You can now drag and drop a photo, text, or other copiable media from an app to another one. You only have to select what you want to copy, press it for a few seconds until you are able to move it around, and transfer to your destination app and “drop” it there easily. (Read: 3 Ways Apple Inc. Helps in the Fight Against Climate Change)

iOS 15 Features: Text scanning

Photo courtesy of Katie Rojas

Afraid of making the mistake of sending an important email, say a job application, to the wrong email address because you typed it incorrectly? Now, you won’t have worry about copying and typing the wrong thing, thanks to the “Scan Text” feature that comes with the update. Users are now able to use their phone camera to scan text from anything–a book, business card, notepad–and have it automatically be typed onto your phone! You would only have to long-press on a text field (new note, new message, etc.) and click the Scan Text button, and it will open your phone’s camera. Point it at any text you want to be inserted into your notes and voila, you’re ready to send it to anyone!

Compatible devices for the iOS 15 update are the following: iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone Xs and Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st and 2nd generation), and iPod Touch 7th generation.

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