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Here’s How to Keep a Healthy Body With Intra All-Natural Food Supplement

Intra uses 23 botanical ingredients that have multiple benefits for your body.

In this time of a pandemic, we’ve been constantly reminded that we should keep ourselves healthy as a strong immune system is one of the best defense we have against the disease. As such, many have been eating healthier—incorporating more vegetables and fruits into their diets and drinking vitamins and other supplements to boost the immune system.

One of the supplements that have been making waves these days is Intra Natural Botanical Supplement—an all-natural food supplement featuring botanical ingredients. (Read: 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado)

“Intra is a food supplement that has 23 botanical ingredients that have many benefits to our body,” says Intra distributor Malou De Guzman. “Wala po itong side effects dahil botanical po ang ingredients,” she adds.

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Food for All Ages

According to Malou, people of all ages can drink Intra—in fact, even two-year-old children can drink the 2mL of this food supplement daily! She tells My Pope that her young grandchild who had asthma did not have any more asthma attacks once she started drinking Intra.

Aside from being a food supplement, Intra can also help people with goiters, gout, high cholesterol, high blood pressure (hypertension), and other illnesses. Even people with acne can use Intra to address skin issues by applying it onto problem areas. (Read: Skincare during quarantine: Three easy tips from a dermatologist)

Wala pong overdose [sa Intra], kaya pwedeng uminom ng baso baso kada araw ang adults,” Malou says. Personally, Malou shares that she has also experienced the good effects of using Intra, “dati po sinisikmura ako, pero nawala na po ngayon,” she adds.

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Malou, however, warns that you might see red marks on your body when you take Intra— but adds that users should not be afraid. She says it is a sign that the toxins in our body are being removed by Intra, “dati nung ako ay uminom, yung hita at binti ko nagkaroon ng bakat bakat pero nawala rin sya after one week,” explains Malou.

How to Order Intra

Anyone interested in ordering Intra Natural Botanical Supplement may do so by contacting Malou through text at 0927 632 3076 or 0939 508 9858 or through Facebook Messenger at Malou Diaz. Delivery arrangements will be made once your order is settled.

A friendly reminder from My Pope Philippines: Consult with your doctor first before taking any supplements, especially if you have any illnesses. 

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