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Exclusive: Moonstar88 on Their Single ‘Paasa’ ft. Noel Cabangon

If you are someone who is umasa or pinaasa, Moonstar88 is here to lift your spirits!

There is no worse feeling than being led on— whether by a friend, someone special, or a family member. And if you are someone na umasa or pinaasa, Filipino rock band Moonstar88 is here to lift your spirits!

Last February, Moonstar88 collaborated with Filipino folk singer and composer Noel Cabangon for their latest single, Paasa. The song, which is about someone who has been led on, gives a lighthearted spin to a heartbreaking story through an upbeat melody.

“We feel very honored to be able to work with Sir Noel. And we’ve always wondered how it feels like to work with him. Even if it’s a virtual, remote work with him, the experience has been fun,” shares Maysh Baay, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. (Read: Pinaasa Ka Ba? Moonstar88 Has This Advice for You!)

Maysh, Buddy Zabala (bassist), Bon Sundiang (drummer and vocalist), and Herbert Hernandez (lead guitarist) share with My Pope Philippines the story behind “Paasa” and how it was like to work with a music legend like Noel Cabangon.


Video by Gwyneth Marave.

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