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3 Instagram Shops That Offer Healthy Meal Plans

These services make eating and watching calories easier!

Let’s all admit it, planning a week’s worth of food is not the easy. You’d have to first think of variation, ingredients, cooking time, and your schedule, before deciding on the food you’re going to have the entire week.

Luckily, there are services that can do your meal planning and calorie watching for you! These services are available online— you just have to order from them, and they’ll deliver it straight to your house daily. (Read: WATCH: Nutritionist-Dietitian Explains Fad Diets, Plant-Based Eating)

So if you want to try planned meals and monitored calories, we suggest you check out these weekly meal plan services:

Weekly Meal Plans: The Six Pack Chef

Photos from The Six Pack Chef Facebook

The Six Pack Chef has been around since 2014, and has gained thousands of Instagram followers over the years. Their customers just keep on coming back for more because of their delicious, high-protein meals (which change every day!) that are affordable.

They can also accommodate some food restrictions, in case you have any, for a minimal additional charge. Check them out here.

Weekly Meal Plans: Fit Cuisine PH

Photos from Fit Cuisine Facebook

Fit Cuisine PH literally has meals fit for your needs. They cater to people who are on low-calorie, keto, high protein, and pescatarian diets. This Instagram store also has meals specifically for breastfeeding moms who need a lot of nutrients to stay healthy for their babies!

On a diet? It doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you love! Fit Cuisine makes workarounds for everyone. Click here for their Instagram.

Weekly Meal Plans: Gourmet Chef Manila

Photos from Gourmet Chef Manila Facebook

Gourmet Chef Manila has a five-day meal plan for people who are on keto or low-calorie diets. They have specially made meals for these two diets, which change every week. Oh, and did we mention they even have waffles on the menu?

Plus, you don’t have to stay away from the food you love because Gourmet Chef Manila has versions of it that fit your diet! Check them out here.

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