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Aesthetic Notes: Follow These Instagram Accounts for Inspiration!

Make your notes cute and easy to the eye with these Instagram inspos!

We can all admit it, note-taking in class— whether online or not— can be tiring and time-consuming. Our hands get sore, our handwriting incomprehensible, and we sometimes don’t even complete the sentences because our teachers and professors are talking so fast. And since we just try to scribble everything, we have to re-write it on a new page or notebook so we can actually read it and use it to review.

Sounds like so much effort, right? But did you know that re-writing notes actually help you recall the things you write? This is useful not just in reviewing for an exam, but also in making sure that your notes are pleasing and encouraging to read! (Read: Licensed Teacher Uses Coal, Taal Ash in Making Beautiful Artworks)

So if you are looking for inspiration on how to write creative and enticing notes, My Pope Philippines lists three Instagram accounts that mainly post about aesthetic note-taking. Read below!

Aesthetic Note-Taking: Study Jolien

Photo from Study Jolien Instagram

@studyjolien on Instagram has over 61,000 followers just for her notes and stationery. Because of her handwriting, her notes look like it’s been printed, but it’s actually not. She also posts about her stationery finds like the very useful stencils for drawing structures in — and she now has a free downloadable font!

Aesthetic Note-Taking: Studyable

PHoto from Studyable Instagram

@studyable is a study account on Instagram that focuses on minimalist notes that just look so clean. Ranae, the owner of the account, rarely uses too many colors for her notes— just the occasional blues, yellows, pinks, and greens to highlight parts of her notes. Her handwriting on crisp white paper is pleasing and divine!

Aesthetic Note-Taking: Annie Studies

Photo from Annie Studies Instagram

@anniestudies takes note-taking to the next level. Apart from pens, highlighters, and markers, she also uses stamps for her notes— and it looks homey and vintage, mixed with modern calligraphy!

Annie uses brush pens for headers and a regular gel pen for the rest of her notes, which means you can also do it at home. She also lists the products she uses for note-taking in all her Instagram captions!

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