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4 Netflix Shows That Will Inspire You to Live Your Best Life

Looking for a show to inspire you? Look no further, as My Pope has the list for you!

When we decide on what to watch, may it be a TV show or movie, our usual line of thinking would be if we’d feel something while watching it and after it’s done. Will you feel happy, sad, kilig? Will it give you an adrenaline rush or some happy hormones? These are just some of the criteria we often think of when we have a movie night.

Here at My Pope Philippines, we love inspiring reads and watches— ones that make an impact on their audience. We believe that apart from entertaining, movies and series should also trigger a moment of reflection for viewers in some way. (Read: 3 Netflix Moms We Can’t Help but Love)

As such, we are listing some Netflix shows that would inspire different aspects of your life. Read on!

Netflix Show About Families: One Day At A Time

One Day at a Time is a sitcom inspired by the 1975 show of the same name. It is about a Hispanic family composed of grandmother Lydia, mother Penelope, daughter Elena, and son Alex, who all try to deal with issues of their own. Lydia tries to connect with her daughter and grandchildren who are more liberated than her, and Penelope tries to juggle everything from being a single mom, to a nurse, and a daughter.

The show teaches us quite a handful of things: being more open to change, accepting who you are, and even about love and second chances. It also opens our eyes to the gravity of racism in the world and how some laws have loopholes that racists can use against non-caucasian individuals.

Netflix Show About Fur Parenting: Dogs

We live in a day and age where almost everyone has a pet of their own— dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and many more— whom they consider as family. In the 2018 documentary Dogs, you will see heartwarming stories of humans and their dogs, whom they consider family already.

The documentary shows just how much of an intimate relationship it is between humans and pets— and it may even teach you a thing or two about compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love. (Read: A Prayer of Compassion for the Filipino People)

Netflix Show About Friendship: Alexa and Katie

This coming-of-age sitcom is all about best friends Alexa and Katie who try to navigate through high school and growing up together. Indeed, these are difficult years in an adolescent’s life— finding your circle, experiencing first love, and discovering yourself are overwhelming enough. But for Alexa and Katie, high school is a bit different and somewhat more challenging.

That is because Alexa has cancer and undergoes chemo for it, and Katie has to support her any way she could. Through Alexa’s highest of highs and lowest of lows, Katie is seen by her side, cheering her on and being a shoulder she could cry on.

Netflix Show About Faith: The Good Place

If you’ve been on social media for quite some time, you’ve definitely heard or read about The Good Place, a series that circles in on the “Good Place” which is a utopian afterlife.

People who arrive in the Good Place are those who have been morally good during their mortal lives and how they acted when they were still alive. Eleanor Shellstrop believes she is mistakenly brought to the Good Place and wonders why she even is there.

As time passes, she faces different obstacles and is even brought back to life to help others improve their moral behavior. Eleanor and her friends try to help everyone be good people in the mortal world so they could be accepted into the Good Place when the time comes. And in the process of helping others, Eleanor herself had become a person worth accepting into the Good Place.

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