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Indonesia offers support to improve production of Pinoy-made coffee

Drinking coffee is pure delight. You can drink this versatile beverage while working, reading a book, or simply just because you want to. Some people love it so much that they can’t start the day without drinking one. Who are we to disagree? Mornings are indeed so much better with a sip of coffee.  

For the past few years, homegrown coffee has been competing steadily with imported ones. In fact, local coffee shops now offer new blends from Kalinga, Batangas, and other provinces in the Philippines—in turn, helping our local farmers and their communities.


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As a way of showing support to our local farmers, ten (10) Filipino coffee growers will be sent to an all-expense-paid training in Indonesia. The project—an initiative of the Department of Agriculture and the Philippines Coffee Board partnered with the Embassy of Indonesia and Indonesian food and beverage manufacturer PT Mayora Indah—hopes to enhance our farmers’ knowledge and skills on coffee farming, processing, and marketing. 

According to Chit Juan, President of the Philippine Coffee Board, the training aims to improve productivity, product quality, and profitability of Filipino coffee farms through a competitive and sustainable value chain from farming and manufacturing. 

Our farmers are daily heroes we fail to give tribute to. It’s no secret that our local farmers get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to retailing their products. Help our local farmers by spreading awareness on and buying homegrown coffee beans and other coffee products. 

Indeed, there’s no better cup of coffee than one that tastes like home!



Text by Mark Baccay. 

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