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Adopt Your New Fur-mily Member Through This Pet Directory!

Looking for a new fur-mily member? Check out these adorable, adoptable cats and dogs!

Freelancers know how difficult it is to find a perfect match when it comes to employment— you’d have to find a job you can do, pays for all the work you put in, and has good benefits and work culture. With this in mind plus a few other factors, job hunting can take months, and even years sometimes! (Read: 5 Secrets to Ace Your Video Interviews)

That’s why platforms like Indierectory, which is a website where freelancers are posted with their jobs and their contact details, help out a lot. But this April, Indierectory is helping a great cause through their platform— the Pet Directory.

Pet Directory

Photo from Indierectory Manila

On April Fools’ Day, Indierectory launched their ‘Pet Directory,’ a limited-run directory for adoptable dogs and cats, in partnership with Hound Haven and DLSU PUSA (Professors for the Upliftment of Society’s Animals).

The Pet Directory lists the dogs and cats that are under the care of these organizations and are available for adoption. And just like job hunters and freelancers, these four-legged furries also have their own ‘jobs’ and brief descriptions of their demeanor and a short backstory!

Take Scarlet for example: a “purr-ducer” who had a rough past and is now looking for a loving family to care for her. (Read: ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ Like These Four Celebrities and Their Shelter Pets)

In her description, it’s said that she might even bring you a butiki or ipis as a present! Another is Buddy, a retired tracker dog from Zamboanga, who is now a “motion grrrrraphics designer!”

A Big Responsibility

Photo from PAWSsion Project Facebook

While it’s great to adopt a dog or cat, we should remember that having a pet— whether adopted or bought from a breeder— is a huge responsibility. It’s just like caring for a child: you’d have to feed it, bathe it, take it out for playtime, and give it unconditional love!

You’d also have to discipline them when they’re makulit— not to mention allot some of your finances for them, with all the vet trips and food they need. So think about it and all the things it entails before clicking that “adopt me” button!

Check out the adoptable dogs and cats here.

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