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LIST: Indie Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist

Expand your music choices by adding these artists to your playlist!

Music is said to be a universal language— no matter what language or dialect you speak, you can easily connect with anyone through the emotions and feelings music gives off. But most of the time, the music we listen to are mainstream songs from mainstream artists.

Don’t get us wrong, mainstream music is great, but sometimes, we just want songs that are more lowkey. Good thing, there are artists that have a similar sound to these mainstream singers and groups! (Read: Exclusive: Bey Talks ‘Crash Landing,’ Music Inspirations, and More!)

My Pope Philippines lists some of them so you can give them a listen, and possibly add them to your playlist.

Indie Artists: Pink Roses

If you’re into the LANY type of music— chill, electronic, slow— then you’ll surely enjoy Pink Roses‘s music! They have songs that sound just like this and will surely put you into a great mood. Try listening to their song ‘DTLA’ or ‘don’t give up on me’ first to get a feel of their music.

Indie Artists: Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane is a Los Angeles-based Filipino-Norwegian singer-songwriter who is starting to make a huge name for himself in the music world. His song “I Don’t Want to Watch the World End With Someone Else” gives off a James Arthur vibe, whose hits include “Say You Won’t Let Go” and “Can I Be Him.”

Indie Artists: Elle Winter

Yup, Elle Winter is a rising young star! Her 2020 single, “Yeah, No,” is comparable to Filipino-American Hailee Steinfeld’s style, as both artists make distinct music with upbeat tracks that are mostly pop. (Read: LIST: Winners of 2021 Billboard Music Awards)

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