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Gal Gadot Hosts New Series About ‘Wonder Women’ Around the World

The actress wants to inspire women and girls to create change in the world.

DC Superhero Wonder Woman is one of the most popular fictional women on screen that young girls look up to. That is because the female superhero is a role model, especially when it comes to telling the truth and being an overall kind and brave being.

However, we sometimes forget that there are actually Wonder Women in real life. They can be from anywhere in the world— any race, age, and social status— making an impact in their communities. (Watch: ‘Mom-on-a-Mission’ shares how her son with autism changed her life)

These empowered women are the center of the new six-part short documentary series by National Geographic. Titled “IMPACT with Gal Gadot,” the series will be hosted by none other than the Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot!

So in celebration of Gal Gadot’s birthday today, My Pope Philippines gives you a sneak peek of her latest documentary. Read below!

Documentary About the Extraordinary

Photo from Gal Gadot Facebook

IMPACT is a National Geographic series that focuses on the lives of six extraordinary women from various backgrounds and countries. These women, according to Gal, share the values of “selflessness, determination, and commitment to improving the lives of the people around them.”

Coming from Brazil, Puerto Rico, Michigan, California, Louisiana, and Tennessee, all six women grew up in difficult circumstances. Still, they were able to use this disadvantage to their advantage. (Read: LIST: Strong Women Who Inspire Young Girls Around the World)

“Whether it’s violence, poverty, trauma, discrimination, or natural disasters; it fuels them,” Gal Gadot says. “It gives them more power to dare, to dream, to change, to speak up, and to really make a change in their communities.”

Creating an Impact

Gal herself has thought of ways to create an impact in the world since she was little. “Growing up, I remember thinking, ‘How can I change the world? How can I do such a thing? I’m just one person,” she says.

That was why after she landed the role of Wonder Woman, Gal wanted to use her influence and reach to “shed light on amazing stories.” (Read: Ana Patricia Non Shares Insights About Starting a Community Pantry)

The 36-year-old actress is now a mother of two girls, and says her belief system is much like that of Wonder Woman.

“I’m all about love, and compassion, and peace, and positivity, and try to make the world a better place as much as I can, and that was a very, very natural fit for me,” Gal explains.

You can watch IMPACT with Gal Gadot here.

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