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The Ifugao Weave Face Masks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Support our local weavers and farmers with these affordably fashionable face masks!

With the threat of COVID-19 surrounding everyone, the Department of Health has advised people to wear face masks when going outside at all times.

With these, the local fashion industry has adapted and is now producing masks to keep their companies afloat amid the world health crisis. (Read: UP lets you make your own face masks with new DIY tutorial)

While local fashion houses are adapting to the so-called “new normal,” let’s turn our eyes to the weavers living in the mountains of Ifugao. These locals, known for their artistic and distinct weaved textiles, have also started to produce their own designs of face masks.

Through the help of Ifugao Nation—an arts and crafts store in Kiangan, Ifugao—indigenous tribes’ weavers and farmers are making a profit through face masks made from native Filipino textiles. Their traditional weaving techniques and designs allow the face masks to not only be stylish, but durable and water-repellent as well. (Read: 3 Secrets to Protect Yourself From Viruses In Crowded Places)

Preserving Culture

Photos from VINTA Gallery and Pinterest

In buying the Ifugao weave face masks, you are not only augmenting the income of our Ifugao brothers and sisters, but you are also helping yourself and other Filipinos connect to local culture.

Each face mask, woven with intricate patterns found on Ifugao weaves, have centuries-old history and tradition behind them as its patterns root from the Ifugao ancestry.

Help For Communities

Aside from supporting the local economy and protecting yourself and others from the virus, you are also helping other groups that are highly vulnerable to the pandemic. It comes as for every 50 pieces of Ifugao face masks sold, 20 pieces will be given to senior citizens, indigent members of the community, hospital pat ients, and frontliners. (Read: How Can Knitted Toys Help Save Ifugao’s Rice Terraces?)

Support our local weavers and farmers with the affordably fashionable Ifugao weave face masks! Their masks are available in kiddie to large sizes and bulk orders are accepted. To order, message Ifugao Nation on Facebook. 

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