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‘I Had a Miracle Baby – and a Second Chance at Life!’

Aimee Noack recounts how she hurdled a high-risk pregnancy with faith, prayers, and signs from above.

Maria Carmina Rosario “Aimee” Miranda Noack and her Australian husband Peter John Noack were practically newlyweds when they found out Aimee was pregnant seven months after they tied the knot in the Philippines on December 15, 2010.

The pregnancy was a miracle in itself. Aimee, who was diagnosed with a myoma (or fibroids, benign tumors that develop around the uterus), was 41 when she got pregnant for the first time. And in Australia, having a baby with health challenges is considered a big burden to the parents, hence they were given the option to abort the baby in its early stages.

“That came as a big shock to me—I was really worried for my case and my baby,” says Aimee, who lives in Mackay, Queensland. “I told my husband that as a Catholic, abortion is a no-no to us.  I also told him that if ever I receive abnormal results on my tests, I will not consider an abortion.”

Thankfully, she didn’t have to. On April 4, 2012, at 3:46 pm, Aimee gave birth via cesarean section to Liam Connor M. Noack, a healthy 2.7 kg. baby boy! (Read: Meet three women who became moms after the Obando Festival)

Aimee tells her story of survival, faith, and a Filipina nurse named Mary.

(Left) Doubly happy: First-time Mom Aimee looks adoringly at her newborn. (Right) “Liam is a big gift to us because I didn’t expect to get pregnant.” (Photos courtesy of subject)

Giving birth nearly cost you your life. What happened?

In the recovery room, the nurse who was closely monitoring me constantly replenished blood bags while I was undergoing transfusion. I was later informed that the blood supply in Mackay Base Hospital had run out, and that they had requested more blood from Townsville, the next big city after Mackay. It even needed to be airlifted via helicopter.

I knew there was something wrong when around 10 doctors came in and gathered around me. I could hear them consulting other doctors by phone. My ob-gyn even came back to check on me and make me undergo an ultrasound. (Read: 5 Prayers for a Healthy Pregnancy and Safe Delivery)

Then you received a sign. What was it?

In the room, a Filipina nurse who was nearly done with her duty was asked by the doctors to stay and keep me awake and conscious. I asked her what her name was and she said “Mary,” of all names. I knew then that I was being guided by Mama Mary. (Read: 3 Miraculous Events in History That Are Attributed to Mama Mary)

I told Mary that I was feeling so tired and wanted to sleep, but she held my hands and caressed them.  Wearing an oxygen mask, I asked her to join me in prayer— I didn’t mind if the doctors could hear. With a loud voice, I repeatedly recited the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. I thought, “If I die at this moment, I accept that my baby will be all right with my husband and mother-in-law.”

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

What happened after you said prayers?

I could hear a guy giving updates on my stats and that my blood pressure was going down. I felt somebody trying to get my pulse on any part of my body. I could also hear somebody saying “Lifeline, lifeline.”

With my eyes closed, I saw myself lying inside a big transparent tube, my body sliding inside the tube with many bright lights flashing outside. My body was so light it was like I was going back to the original state of my body like a cell. 

Then suddenly I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling and fluorescent lamp above me.  My ob-gyn told me that they decided to bring me back to the OR to remove my myoma, which was the cause of my severe bleeding.

They told me the myoma was stuck to my uterus, so they had to remove my uterus. The myoma weighed 4 kg, yet Liam was just 2.7 kg! (Read: The Gift of Life: Readers share their miracle stories)

Born via C-section, Liam Conner M. Noack weighed 2.7 kg. A myoma later removed in his mother weighed 4 kg! (Photo courtesy of subject)

You then received another miracle and sign. Tell us about it.

Peter (who works as a supervisor for a mining company in the Philippines) was able to fly back to Australia without a passport! It was with the Philippine Immigration Office, where his work visa was being processed. 

It was a Holy Wednesday when I gave birth and in the Philippines, all government offices are closed on Holy Week. But his employer coordinated with the Australian Embassy in Manila and he was able to pass through special lanes at the airports in the Philippines and Australia. He saw me two days after I gave birth.

At the same time, my family in the Focolare Movement started a prayer brigade with all the members of Focolare around the world. They also offered Masses for me daily. (Read: St. Padre Pio’s Prayers for Healing and Miracles)

Friends who read about near-death experiences told me that the bright lights flashing while I was inside the transparent tube were the many prayers being offered to me. They said the more bright lights, the more prayers I got. This is why I survived and am living my second life.

(Left) His new life, her second life: Baby Liam snuggles up to his mom. (Right) Proud father: Peter John Noack (Photos courtesy of subject)

How are you and your son today?

Liam is now 8 and is currently in Grade 4. As for me, I have no more chance to have a baby again because I had a hysterectomy when they removed my myoma. Still, Liam is a big gift to us because like I said, I didn’t expect to get pregnant.

What would you tell mothers experiencing complications in their pregnancy?

Just think positive and always be strong because nothing is impossible in the name of God.  Just keep on believing, entrusting, and praying for God’s guidance, power, and will. (Read: 28yo Cebuano Priest Shares Healing Journey From a Rare Disease)

You have to be in close monitoring too with your obstetrician-gynecologist and keep on reading and researching more information about your case. My ob-gyn friends in the Philippines told me that what the doctors in Australia did for me was really amazing. They exerted all means to save my life. If it weren’t for them, I would surely be dead.

Happy and healthy: the Noack family today (Photo courtesy of subject)

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