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LOOK: Young Farmers Successfully Build ‘Hydroponic Gardens’ in Quezon City

What if we told you that there’s a way to grow your plants quicker, larger, and most of all, 100% organic? Well,  most people would assume this is impossible, but certain gardening techniques called hydroponics allows you to do so.

As one of the first commercial indoor and urban farms in the country that uses the technique,  the all organic farming company Future Fresh takes pride in its hydroponic gardening.  The company, mainly composed of young entrepreneurs not older than 40 years old, is known for its fresh and 100% organic vegetables that are grown in its soilless farms in Quezon City.


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What is hydroponics?

Future Fresh believes that the future of urban gardening is in hydroponics, as the technique is gaining popularity in indoor farming. In essence, hydroponic gardening refers to the soilless farming of plants—where they grow and develop in a nutrient-rich liquid solution instead of traditional soil beds. 

Millennial Farmers

Future Fresh consists of young entrepreneurs not older than 40 years old with a goal to provide high quality, low impact, environment-friendly, and fresh produce to meet the growing food demand in urban centers across the country,

The startup agri-tech farm started with a single container van and immediately grew to having multiple indoor farms in Quezon City. At the moment, Future Fresh supplies Roquette Arugula, Baby Kale, Savoy Spinach, Genovese Basil, Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley, Swiss Chard, Full-Size Head Specialty Lettuce, and Coriander Wansoy.

Future Fresh co-founder Derya Tanghe shares in an interview that the company will soon be expanding its reach in other urban centers across the country. They are also looking into giving their brand a more recognizable name that represents fresh and readily available produce. “The way we farm provides produce that is always in season and stays fresh longer. In other words, Future Fresh turns eating well and nutritiously into a lifestyle,” Tanghe says.

For the meantime, you can avail Future Fresh products from Robinsons Supermarkets (Galleria, Forum, Magnolia) & Robinsons Selections (BGC), Rustan’s (Rockwell, Glorietta, Central Square BHS). You can also visit their website at




Text by Mark Baccay. 

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