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Check Out This Art Kit That Uses Clay From Recycled Papers!

Have an enjoyable art session at home with paper clay art!

Studies show that art has many benefits to a person’s well-being. Klaypel, a company that produces paper clay art kits, was founded with the goal of bringing the therapeutic effects of art to as many people as possible.

Anjela Morales, the company’s founder, tells My Pope that they’ve brought Klaypel kits to inmates, women undergoing chemotherapy, and anyone who could benefit from the art. (Read: Xian Lim Grants Wish of His Lola Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer)

“We’ve heard stories of reconciliation of relationships, overcoming anxiety, discovering passion and artistry simply by making a Klaypel artwork! This is why we’re determined to inspire creativity and spark hope—one color, one artwork, one story at a time,” Anjela says.

And now that many of us are seeking ways to stay productive in quarantine and at the same time have a quality session with the family, Klaypel can be your perfect go-to! So, to guide you into having an enjoyable art session with your loved ones, Anjela gives us three fun facts about Klaypel and paper clay art!

#1: Klaypel Kits Use Recycled Papers

Paper clay is a unique material made out of recycled paper that comes in an assortment of colors. The material is so easy to handle, it’s a favorite of budding and master artists of all ages! (Read: Pinoy artists come together to promote safer environments for young children)

Photo courtesy of Klaypel

#2: Anyone Can Make Their Own Klaypel Art

Artists pick their designs from the catalogue of eye-catching, ready-made designs that come with corresponding colors of paper clay. Anjela, her mother, and their head artist Bono come up with the designs themselves and draw inspiration from nature, pop culture, and their faith.

Klaypel Art

Moms make life as colorful as this artwork. Let her know.Only P150.00. ?#KlaypelArt#KlaypelNation

Posted by Klaypel on Sunday, May 7, 2017

#3: You Can Explore Your Creativity With Paper Clay Art

Using the wooden tool provided, artists pick the paper clay of their choice and fill in the spaces until the cardboard canvas included in the kit has been filled up. “Each one is a unique creation that cannot be duplicated. And that’s what makes every artwork a masterpiece!” Angela says.

Photos courtesy of Klaypel

If you have a paper clay artwork that you’d like to share with Klaypel, be sure to use the hashtags #KlaypelDiaries and #KlaypelColors on social media! You can also purchase their materials through their Facebook Page or Instagram, Lazada, and Shopee accounts.


Text by Cristina Sebastian.

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